Hili dialogue mis-posted again

April 15, 2022 • 6:47 am

If you subscribe to this site and have a phone (or computer), you’ll have received an email message that the Hili dialogue was posted, but the link given probaably doesn’t work.  That’s because, for a reason I can’t fathom, the computer posted it as if it were April 14, so it would be in yesterday’s lineup.

I’ve fixed it now, and if you’re using a computer you’ll find today’s Hili post right below this one, or at this link.  It’s in the proper place, as all things should be.

The problem is under investigation, but all is well for now.

—Professor Ceiling Cat (Emeritus)

5 thoughts on “Hili dialogue mis-posted again

  1. I have no idea how the wordpress smart software is programmed, but perhaps some confusion developed from when you were sending columns from on the ship which may have identified (gps) as from several time zones over the weeks. Sometimes, in pursuit of precision, we lose sight of robustness. In any case I will hit ‘em where (and when) they’re pitched!

    1. Am reminded of occasionally reading reportorial bloviation about Russia stretching across eleven time zones. Certainly, Russia is very large, but the farther north (or south) a country is located the less impressive is the number of time zones it encompasses. (Perhaps a good question for grades 5-8: If you are standing on the South [North] Pole, what time zone are you standing in? I wonder if there is an “award” for so standing. If one crosses the equator one is a “Shellback.” If one crosses the equator at the intersection of the equator and the Prime Meridian or International Dateline, one is a “Golden Shellback.”)

  2. Every post from every site I am following is posted twice in the Reader. I haven’t looked at the Reader Goya few weeks, so I don’t know how long this has been going on.

  3. The answer is simple. You used “on this date” instead of “on Apr 15” for those who met their maker!! This is a severe break from your normal habit and must have greatly confused some yet to be determined algorithm.

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