Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Women’s Day

March 9, 2022 • 10:45 am

In the latest Jesus and Mo strip, called “fun”, the duo honors International Women’s Day by wearing burkas. The idea of Mo in women’s underwear will surely make this a cartoona non grata, and the Pakistani Telecommunication Authority will take down the post in their country.

The cartoon’s summary from the artist “And nobody wants to see THAT.”

12 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Women’s Day

  1. The problem isn’t the fact that Mo “only” has a bra and panties underneath. The problem is the bra is non-conforming for halal in Shia societies and yet it conforms to Sunni standards (plus it binds Mo uncomfortably)— and vice-versa with the panties.

  2. Isn’t the notion that there’s nothing but knickers and a brassiere beneath at least as likely to inspire lust as the glimpse of a lock of hair?

    1. Yes, so they clearly need a layer between undies and burka. But then it will still be their lewd slutty fault when men imagine what’s under the layer that’s under the burka, so we’ll need a layer over that.

      Obviously the only theologically rational solution is (1) infinite layers and then (2) punish them no matter what they wear.

    2. Good point, males like to imagine what is under the burka. And sometimes it is indeed not more than what Mo suggests. Hence the burka in itself does not confirm sexual ‘modesty’, but the contrary.

  3. Religious patriarchy – god really does ‘poison everything’ as Hitchens said. Perhaps every Islamic male should have to wear a burka too.

      1. “…it is the males that have the lustful thoughts…”

        Only them really?—and I’d been sort of hoping…. oh, well, getting old anyway.

  4. Sitting in the domestic departure lounge at Mombasa, I watched a party of people enter, in which four were dressed so that only their faces showed. I guessed a mother ond three daughters, and all had beautiful faces that stirred my lust. Only later did I realise, to my shame, that at least one was probably underage. That is one problem with covering up: age becomes indeterminate. Sex as well: after all, that is how rich muslims smuggle their catamites into hotels.

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