Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ disbelief

February 2, 2022 • 9:30 am

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “flew,” came with the email motto: “To believers, disbelief is radical.”  Indeed, and remember that believers do take certain religious statements as fact, including the existence of God. That’s why they’re at odds with science.

Here, the barmaid stands for “scence”. 


10 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ disbelief

  1. I wish the archangel would turn up to settle the issue — maybe dictate a more agreeable covenant.

    Zeus, who scored a personal best recently, is thoroughly cheesed off that the atheist US ignored His role by calling it a ‘spectacular natural phenomenon’.

    1. Yeah I thought Mo was supposed to be a body double, not the real thing. He sure isn’t talking like one in this strip.

      But it’s a comic strip used to make social and religious commentary. I think complaining about characters changing the way they speak about themselves may fall into the category of “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds…”

  2. I like the four segment format of Jesus and Mo. However, I often find myself thinking of what a fifth panel might portray. This time it occurred to me that Jesus might say, “Yes, Mo. I agree. The internet sure does radicalise Islamists to extreme tactics.” Of course Mo might have a similar thought for Evangelical activists and their versions of Jihad.

    1. The Author (as he calls himself, I think) states in his preamble to the strip, that he uses a small number of 4-panel frames, recycled with different speech bubbles, because (his words), “I’m not a very good cartoonist”.
      Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Fifth Panel. Try reading “The Fifth Elephant” instead.

  3. Two thoughts … one Biblical and one semantic. Gabriel is not described as an archangel in the Bible, not sure about the Koran.

    I use “disbelief” in the sense I believe something is not true. And “unbelief” as simply not having a belief, ie a negative belief in philosopher speak.

    1. I use “disbelief” in the sense I believe something is not true. And “unbelief” as simply not having a belief, ie a negative belief in philosopher speak.

      Since you have (probably) been brought up in a “Christian” society, espousing either of those points of view would put you on Death Row in a dozen or more countries for “apostasy”.
      Having (presumably, their opinion) been exposed to the glorious Word of Their Lord by either your parents or the general opinion of your society, then you have rejected that word, which makes you a person who has “denied” “God”, not just someone who doesn’t believe.
      Exit by the door with the screams behind it. Pick up a shovel and pair of gloves (grave-digging can blister your hands!) as you go out into the arena.
      Don’t try running if you want your hamstrings to remain connected to your lower legs.
      No, you don’t get to choose your definition of “agnostic” or “apostate” ; they do. Check your flight routing, including changes of plane.

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