Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ gaslighting (again)

January 26, 2022 • 9:15 am

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip, “Gaslight”, is implied by the artist to be the same one published last week. “You have seen this one already, as I’m sure you’ll remember.” But I can’t be arsed to look. I suspect it’s new, with the audience comment added at the end for obvious reasons;

13 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ gaslighting (again)

  1. But I can’t be arsed to look.

    I can, and I can confirm this is not the same as last week’s. It looks like he’s trying to gaslight you.

    FTR, the web page for this week’s cartoon contains the apology “Sorry for posting the same strip two weeks in a row.”

        1. If I were The Artist, or his (?) HTML-wrangler, I’d look for ways to randomly select one of the several “gaslighting” themed strips to present when requested. So that several people can e right, and can then proceed to tear themselves apart over their different data sets.

    1. I’m completely confused by this thread, but believe everything you and others have said. I just turned the light down by a notch to get better screen contrast.

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