Let a million genders blossom

January 11, 2022 • 12:30 pm

Yes, it’s a slow news day, so let’s catch up with some recent draft posts that never got posted.

As we all know, gender is a “spectrum,” with an infinite number of identities one can assume with respect to how you feel about your sexual identity. Well, almost infinite, I thought, for surely there can’t be more than, say, fifty different genders that are named.

Oy, was I wrong! If you go to this page (click on the screenshot), you’ll find about 320 terms relating to gender: not all of them are genders, as some refer to items around discussions of gender, but most are.

And this is only one page of three! I estimate that at least eight hundred different genders are named. But you can count them.

This is page 2 of 3. Note that each term links to a description of the item or gender, and sometimes to its origin, so you can browse to your heart’s content.

I’ll just give ten that I found intriguing (note the extensive crosslinking)

A.) Cassgender is a gender identity where one feels that their gender is unimportant, or is indifferent to the idea of gender. Cassgender is unlike agender, as a cassgender individual might identify as a particular gender, but they don’t feel it is an important part of their identity.

A term related to Cassgender is cassflux, where the level of indifference fluctuates. Sometimes one might feel completely indifferent towards gender but other time it might feel more important.

B.) Duoquinquagintigender is a gender identity characterized by feeling as if you have an unlimited amount of genders. These can change daily, weekly, hourly, from one to another. Duoquinquagintigendered people usually do not feel the same genders for longer than 2 weeks. It very uncommon for duoquinquagintigendered people to feel one of their unlimited genders for longer than 2 weeks.

There are many duoquinquagintigendered people all around the world. However, the majority stay hidden and do not reveal their true gender identity to their friends or family in fear of mockery.

Despite duoquinquagintigendered people being able to have unlimited genders at one point in time, none of those genders can be male or female. Duoquinquagintigendered people are incapable of possessing the male or female gender at any point in time. However, some duoquinquagintigendered people reported feeling that an inanimate object is their gender.

C.) Eafluid, also known as Enbyfluid or Nobifluid, is a form of genderfluidity where one expirences only or mostly neutralandrogynous, and unaligned genders. An eafluid person may be fluid between genders such as demimaveriqueneutrandrogynestellarian and/or other similar gendersEafluid people never expirence genders that are masculine or feminine. Very rarely can they expirence other genders like agender and xenogenders.

Eafluid is a Pocket Gender and a subset of genderflor.

D.) Genderfae or Genderdoe (or Genderthil) is a form of genderfluidity that does not encompass man-alignedmiaspecgenders, or anything similar. Genderfae individuals tend not to feel mingenders unless said gender happens to also be woman-aligned too (like azurgirl for example). Genderfae is under the genderfaer umbrella.

E.) Gendersylph (also known as GenderfaonGenderfeor, or Genderfen) is a form of genderfluidity that is fluid between many genders that are xenicaporinegenderless, or exobinary genders for example. Gendersylph is under the genderflor umbrella.

Gendersylph has three subsets: gendersylphergendersylphen, and gendersylphet.

F.) Quintgender is a gender identity which can be literally translated as ‘five genders’ or ‘quintuple gender’. Quintgender people experience exactly five gender identities, either simultaneously or varying between them. These five gender identities can be malefemale and/orany non-binary identities. For other identities for those who experience multiple genders, please see multigender.

Quintgender people may also identify as multigendernon-binary and/or transgender. If a quintgender person feels that their identity changes over time or depending on circumstance, they may also identify as genderfluid, which describes any person whose gender identity varies over time.

Quintgender people can have any gender expression but many prefer to be seen as androgynous and/or change their presentation to be more masculine or feminine depending on their current identity. Quintgender people may experience dysphoria all, some or none of the time.

G.) Regius gender is a non-binary gender and refers to any identification of a noble gender. It can therefore also be used as a collective term. The noble gender can be variable depending on the country and region and does not refer solely to a king, queen, emperor, empress, prince or princess etc.

This gender is expressed primarily in its language. Therefore, it can be masculine, feminine or something else because the pronoun is expressed neutrally with you/your. Also, salutations such as “Your Highness” or “Your Serene Highness” may be used. Of course, this varies from person to person and identity. A person who feels that he or she belongs to the Regius gender embodies this in his or her elevated and educated expression. It is therefore advisable to express oneself with exactly that without placing oneself above the person. Furthermore, clothing and behaviour can also be an expression of one’s affiliation, which is also expressed individually but always in an elevated manner.

And people used to say I was insensitive when I said my personal pronouns were “Your Highness” and “His Highness”!

Three more for good measure:

H. Schrodingergender is a gender that can be every gender, but at the same time, can be no gender. People who identify as Schrodingergender feel at home, cozy and comfortable with this gender identity, since they have no other way to classify how they feel. Schrodingergender is named after the famous Schrodinger’s Cat experiment, in which a cat is placed in a box with a device that has a 50% chance of killing it. The cat is said to be both dead and alive until there was definite proof to the answer. This name ties into this gender, as the person feels like every gender and no gender at the same time.

I.)  Rahugender – a gender related to the flourishing of the persona that you continually seek to be like, become and present to the world in your mission of material self-actualization, or the desire or greed to keep chasing such idealized state of completion of one’s own goals. Rahugender can generally be contrasted with a ketugender, as if they were opposite missions. Has as its symbol the unicode character for north node of the moon (☊).

Last but not least (and appropriate):

J.)  Vaxgender (sometimes called gendervax, transvax, or transvaccinated) is a gender that feels cold, sharp, and quick. A vaxgender person’s gender feels strongly assoiated [sic] with the nature and feeling of vaccines.

transvaccinated person may or may not be vaccinated depending on the person. If a person isnt [sic] vaccinated and can get vaccinated, they should go get vaccinated. If anything a transvaccinated person would love to get vaccinated (those who dont are afraid of needles and just need encouragement).

But why isn’t there an “Antivaxgender”, one that feels persecuted and resistant?

How can one keep up with this?

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      1. 554 pages of this! (So it says.) I quit after frog-gender, “an identity where you feel strongly connected for frogs.” The plus being that they can use any pronouns they wish.

        1. Of course you should feel strongly connected to frogs: if you kiss them, they turn into a handsome prince.

          1. A little girl was playing in the garden when a frog hopped up to her. “Kiss me!” he implored her. “I will turn into a handsome prince and we will both live happily ever after.”
            The little girl squinted at the frog, then picked him up and stuffed him into her backpack with her calculus notes.
            “Hey! You’re supposed to kiss me!” Muffled voice from inside the backpack.
            The little girl replied, “Meh. Princes are more trouble than they’re worth. But a talking frog? That oughta be worth some serious money!”

            (My granddaughter is almost old enough to get that version of the story.)

            1. An old lady was sitting on her porch with her cat when there was a bright light, a puff of vapor, and a woman with a tiara and a wand appeared in front of her. “I’m your fairy godmother, and I’m here to give you a wish!”
              “A fat lot of good one wish is going to do me at my age,” the woman carped.
              “Okay,” said the fairy. “I’ll give you three.”
              The woman said. “I was quite good looking when I was younger. I want my youth and beauty back.”
              With a wave of the wand and a poof!, a gorgeous young woman was sitting where the old crone had been.
              “Now I want to be so rich I never have to worry about money again,” she said.
              “I need something to work with,” said the fairy. “I can’t just create it out of nothing.”
              The woman dug in her pocket and pulled out an old lottery ticket.
              “That’ll do.” With a wave and another poof!, a huge pile of money appeared where the ticket had been.
              “Okay,” the woman said, “I’m young, beautiful and rich, so now I want my handsome prince.”
              The fairy godmother looked around, then waved her wand over the cat. Poof! The most hansome man the woman had ever seen appeared where the cat had been. He took the woman’s hands, pulled her up out of the chair and bent close. Her knees went weak, and she trembled with anticipation. His lips brushed her ear, and he whispered, “you’re going to be sorry you had me fixed.”

    1. Were the famous Scottish author of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds alive today, he could write an even longer book on the dangerously anti-rational forces (much of this insanity being caused by the virus of “wokeness”) which may well bring about the downfall of the West.

  1. Let a million genders blossom

    When you go makin’ allusions to Chairman Mao
    You ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow

  2. Cassgender — finally, a gender I can get behind!

    But seriously, please tell me that this is an elaborate satire? Please?

    1. But it *is* on Fandom “the world’s largest entertainment & gaming fan platform. We help 315 million people worldwide go deeper on their favorite games, entertainment and culture with unique tools, memorable experiences, original content and commerce. We reach more fans, across more fandoms, than anyone. And we do it all for the love of fans.”

      1. You mean Jerry conned me? It *is* a parody? No matter; according to Poe’s law, I can’t tell the difference. Poe’s law works both ways, I think – you can’t tell whether a parody is real, and you can’t tell whether the real thing is a parody. As we said, Oy!

        1. No con at all! “Fandom is a fan’s constant companion as they explore, celebrate and engage with their favorite fictional worlds.”

          However the (GW) admins say “Gender Wiki is a wiki about gender. We are not about transgenderism per say but we do host articles on transgender topics because they are related to gender.”

  3. From: The Multicultural Sensitivity Committee
    Please be Advised: None of these are appropriate for Halloween costumes.

  4. Is there a gender name for people who are only sexually attracted to people who they fancy, and not to people who they don’t fancy? Maybe truismfluid?

  5. I guess this is TIC, quite funny. And powerful too, it shows how profoundly ridiculous this ‘gender’ thing has become.

  6. Truly there is no limit to some people’s narcissism, self-obsession and naivety…or to the con-men (sorry, con-persons) who are lining up, rubbing their hands, to take due advantage.

  7. “Schrodingergender is named after the famous Schrodinger’s Cat experiment, in which a cat is placed in a box with a device that has a 50% chance of killing it.”

    I can’t resist posting the following, which I consider one of the best jokes ever about scientists:

    Heisenberg and Schrödinger are driving along and get pulled over for speeding. The cop asks Heisenberg, “Do you have any idea how fast you were going?”

    Heisenberg replies, “No, officer, but we know exactly where we are.”

    The officer looks at him and says, “You were going 108 miles per hour!” Heisenberg throws his arms up and cries, “Great! Now we’re completely lost!”

    The officer looks over the car and asks Schrödinger if there’s anything in the trunk. “A cat,” Schrödinger replies. The cop opens the trunk and yells, “Hey! This cat is dead.” Schrödinger angrily replies, “Well he is now, asshole!”

  8. There aren’t enough letters in all the alphabets in the world to cover this. I have been able to keep track of LGBTQ, and usually remember with I, A and P stand for, but beyond that is alphabet soup. I tend to lose patience with people who insist that I not only know what each letter means but also to get them in the proper order.

  9. Haha fir a while I thought I was reading a list of elfin characters from Lord of the Rings. Yup humanity is doomed

  10. This is a reminder that I’ve never entertained a scintilla of doubt about my default gender identity. However, the world has been likened to a stage and I am but one among a cast of trillions.

    “For what else is the life of man but a kind of play in which men in various costumes perform until the director motions them off the stage.” Erasmus, In Praise of Folly

  11. Yes, because “sex” is such a loose, poorly-defined, unscientific method of categorizing people, we’re replacing it in law with “gender.”

    I saw this list when it was somewhat shorter. It’s a mixture of what used to be called “personality,” spirituality, fantasy, and a dash of spoofery.

  12. As I have explained before, my own personal pronouns are ᚼᛅᛚᛚᚬ and ᛘᛁᛏᚴᛅᚱ’; these are not merely gender identifiers, but terms in the Neanderthal language of 1-2% of my genome, the community I micro-identify with. Addressing me in any other words is a micro-aggression, which marginalizes the Neanderthal part of my genome, and makes it feel unsafe.

  13. I am trying to think of how these beaucoup specific identifications are or could be useful. Does anyone have some ideas?

  14. A good example of reification. All of those terms may legitimately describe how some real person or people feel (let’s just give folks the benefit of the doubt on that). However that doesn’t equal a distinct thing.

    I could just as easily make a million-point scale to describe the range from happy to sad. I could make up terms for each of those points. That doesn’t make each point a distinct, unique, stable mental state.

  15. Woe betide any medical epidemiologic statistical agency accustomed to breaking down health information by age and binary sex. Last time I donated blood, the screening nurse in a face-to-face interview asked me my sex. I know part of this is to confirm identification, to make sure that the blood is coming from exactly who they think it is, but if gender can be fluid enough that they have to ask me it’s not very useful as a identifying tool, is it? While I would never give any front-line health care worker a hard time, ever, I do have to wonder about what would have happened if I had said, “Today, Nymphgender”, and then yelled at her if she didn’t accept it.

    Ontario’s Covid website has temporarily stopped reporting Covid cases by “gender”.
    About 3600 people (out of nearly 900,000 cases since Jan. 2020) have declined to give a sex (or the box didn’t get checked off through error.) That might mean that on 3600 occasions, data collection clerks asking the test subjects to indicate M or F have had to deal with being screamed at for their transphobic, existence-denying, micro-aggressions. If they are revamping the reporting to allow for multiple genders, this document would mean they have their work cut out for them. Even a box, “Prefer not to say” doesn’t cut it, because the non-binary might not only prefer but demand very strongly to identify as something that’s not on the list.

    1. The true number of hissy fits would be much greater than 3600, as that is the number of cases where sex was not specified. But the identifying data are collected at the time the test sample is collected, which happens between 20,000 and 70,000 times a day, every day.

  16. This is like going to the Urban Dictionary, and being astonished that there are so very many terms for sexual acts and genitals. Those crazy kids!
    It’s a user-generated content site. Anybody can make up anything not obviously trolling (or maybe obviously trolling if nobody checks), and add to it.

  17. The inevitable outcome of a large group of people who desperately need to feel special. As Andrew Sullivan said on his podcast once, in response to describing a gender where the person only has sex with a person they are emotionally attracted to, “isn’t that just a woman?” He also quipped the term “gender slumming” like you have to be unique, oppressed, and in the minority.

      1. Haha I remember reading a quote from the late Gary Shandling who said he liked to shave one leg so when he went to sleep it was like he was with a lady.

  18. The unordered enumeration of thousands of named genders sounds like a nightmare to use and make sense of. It sounds more promising to extract a set of more-or-less orthogonal characteristics as axes of a vector space, and treat each individual gender as a vector in the space. It would be much simpler to conceptualize, and could be scientifically validated and used for classifying individual genders. Just a thought.

  19. “Duoquinquagintigendered people usually do not feel the same genders for longer than 2 weeks.”

    I wonder if there is a name for the same, except the “2 weeks” is shortened to less than the average time it takes for an act of sexual intercourse to be completed? One would surely feel great sympathy for them.

    1. You have to factor in the time for stalking and browbeating that a trans woman applies to the task of trying to convince a lesbian woman that she ought to want to have sex with him.
      Apparently this really is a thing.
      We need a category that means, “Get lost! Go hit on somebody else!”

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