For newbies: read Da Roolz

January 9, 2022 • 8:45 am

Just a reminder: if you’re new here and haven’t yet read the posting rules (called, Chicago style, “Da Roolz“), please read them by clicking on the words in the left sidebar or going here.  If you’re new please read them before making your first post.  There are all too many newbies who think they can come barging in full of venom or anger.  They will be relegated to commenting perdition.

Things that have cropped up lately, and won’t be tolerated, are overly long posts (600 words suggested maximum), and, as always, incivility. Do not harangue other readers, insult them, or say anything you wouldn’t say to them in my living room.

One other item: if you’re someone I don’t know, PLEASE do not write me and ask me to assess your new theory or to give you a take on a paper that puzzles you.  I simply don’t have time. If you want to call a paper to my attention because it might be of interest to me or the readers, that’s fine—and encouraged. But, in general, please limit your emails to me because the present volume means that they might go unanswered because they’ll get lost in the Devonian layer of my inbox.



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