Animals vs. GoPro cameras

December 28, 2021 • 1:15 pm

Here’s a 5-minute video, made by GoPro, showing the top ten animals that have interacted with their cameras.

The video snippets, and I’ve put the links to the whole original videos as well, as you’ll want to watch some of them, especially the LION HUG.

00:00 Intro
00:16  #10 – Great White Shark Encounter (LINK)
00:55  #9 – Owl Dance Off (LINK)
01:11  #8 – Squirrel Fail (LINK)
01:31  #7 – Snow Leopard Meets MAX (LINK)
01:57 #6 – Lion Mouth Cam (LINK)
02:27  #5 – Surfing with Dolphins (LINK)
02:53  #4 – Orca vs. Paddle Board (LINK)
03:15  #3 – Gorilla Tickling (LINK)
03:48 #2 – Scuba Dive with 1 Million Fish (LINK)
04:15  #1 – Lion Hug (LINK)

6 thoughts on “Animals vs. GoPro cameras

  1. All sorts of fun. There’s a pic in the mailbox that might appeal to the Duck Whisperer on the waterproof camera front.

    Does anyone know how well Bluetooth “selfie stick” signals work through water? Any ideas on relaibility and range?

    I wouldn’t go to the gallows over it, but I’m not sure that “great white” was a great white. Quite a slender build (GWs tend to a deeper body profile), and one of the later scenes seemed to show a white tip to a pectoral fin, which leans me towards an (oceanic) whitetip. Which don’t have the reputation of a GW – -but are entirely adequate justifications for a new undersuit. Or using a mordant to “fix” the story into your undersuit.

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