A new anti-woke book

November 27, 2021 • 10:30 am

Reader Keith called my attention to a new book by Charles Pincourt “with” James Lindsay, which gives advice on how to actually defeat Wokeness.  It’s published by New Discourses itself, and, as Lindsay notes at the beginning of the podcast below, he has another book coming out shortly, Race Marxism. Charles Pincourt is not a real person, but the pseudonym of somebody who writes the “Woke Dissident” blog on github. Further, Lindsay says in the podcast that he didn’t really co-author this book, which was written wholly by “Pincourt”. Lindsay’s name appears on the cover because he gave comments on the manuscript and published it.

The “field manual” bit reminds me of Peter Boghossian’s A Manual for Creating Atheists, which was a field guide to combatting faith.

This is a short book: 111 pages, and is $12.49 in paperback. It’s Amazon position is fairly high: 2308 overall. Click on the screenshot just below to go to the Amazon site.

Here’s a 100-minute “podcast” with Lindsay that was featured on this page.  I haven’t listened to the whole thing, but it explains what the book is about.

15 thoughts on “A new anti-woke book

    1. During the recent interview conducted with Glenn Loury by Peter Robinson, both use the amusing neologism “wokebuster”, of whom there can never be too many.

  1. I deeply distrust anyone, whether fan or foe of the concept (and there are both), who thinks there’s such a thing as “Race Marxism”, or that such a concoction, if attempted, will be worth thinking about in those terms.

    1. Could you elaborate on that, please? I think I know why I likely agree with you but I’d be interested to hear more.

  2. Pincourt and Lindsay are far far beyond simply “being alarmed” about Woke. Lindsay has supplied massive evidence for BLM/Woke/CriticalStudies as nothing less than the current aggressive frontline manifestation of Marxism. You can call it ‘neo-Marxism’ or Cultural Marxism … the reality is the identical mission at the root: to deconstruct the freedom/individualism/capitalism born of the Enlightenment to make room for communism. Marx’s mission.

  3. Wouldn’t touch anything Lindsay is involved in at this point… He went from “Cynical Theories” (solid) to full on Twitter-mad black piller who’s more or less onboard with the mission detailed in that David Brooks Atlantic article.

    In any case there’s nothing remotely Marxist about wokeism, as any socialist will tell you.

  4. This is just using “Marxism” as a curse-word. Real, literal, actual, Marxists are some of the most anti-woke people around, vehement in their disdain for wokeness. They’ll stress racial solidarity of the entire working class against the rich, not be focused on whether the 1% composition is statistically correct according to some overall metric. They’ll say racism is a tool for capital to divide labor, rather than an individual moral failing to be confessed and repented.

    While it’s possible the supposed woke-fighting tactical advice can be good even if the political analysis is all wrong, such nonsense is not a good sign.

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