Real or fake?: Representative Boebert fools the public

November 12, 2021 • 12:15 pm

I had to use something from HuffPost because it’s funny. Jimmy Kimmel showed people on the street some real clips of Representative Lauren “Glock” Boebert, telling them that they were videos from Saturday Night Live. They weren’t, but people thought they were.

I had no idea that she was so nuts; I may watch her videos for fun from now on. Have a look at the YouTube clip below, which I’ve started at the relevant part, and tell me if you don’t think Boebart is off the rails. But we already knew that. She is, of course, a Republican.

21 thoughts on “Real or fake?: Representative Boebert fools the public

  1. I haven’t seen enough of her to judge (and I am not going to rely on Kimmel’s editing to tell me). I did enjoy her “Let’s Go, Brandon!” dress, though.

    1. At least for the having a baby in her truck thing, I’ve heard it before. Also, what do you need to judge a statement about puppies and Dr. Fauci? She’s referring to Chinese people eating dogs, I think!
      Plus her entire history suggests that she’s a whack job.

    2. How bout Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-QAnon), you still in the dark about her, too, DrBrydon?

      And Paul Gosar, the Arizona representative who recently posted an anime video of himself killing Rep. Alexandra Ocasio Cortes and attacking Joe Biden with swords — have you seen enough of him to judge?

      Folks may remember Gosar from when he was a candidate and all six of his siblings took out a television ad pleading with Arizona voters (alas, to no avail) to vote against him.

  2. What I find terrifying is that she was plucked from obscurity, polished, finally got that GED & was presented to voters – and they elected her. She’s a nightmare. But bets were placed on candidates like her (and Cawthorn) to be the future of the GOP.

  3. So- her way of arguing against paid family leave is to tell us she gave birth in her truck ( the front seat of course) because she is a busy mother of 4 who has things to do. I cetainly hope she did so at a red light. It is unsafe to drive while birthing.

    Of course, it is appalling that someone so ignorant should be elected to Congress, having a vote on policies impacting the nation. It will be interesting to see if the good people of her district send her back for another term.

    1. “She is, of course, a Republican.” I’m a Republican, have a PhD in mathematics and have been a university professor for almost 25 years and know beyond a shadow of a doubt evolution is real. But when you make a stupid comment like that you put off a lot of people like me. Open your mind and you might learn something new…now Boebart is a looney though.

      1. Oh boo hoo hoo. You have no idea what I meant by that, and if you’ve read this website before, you’d know what I meant, which was “This kind of behavior is far more characteristic of Republicans than Democrats.” That’s true. I could say the same about somebody that made stupid comments about abortion. I don’t think all Republicans are dumb, and I spend a great deal of time reading conservative websites.

        It’s always the new people who come bulling their way over here and instructing me. Do you really think I care about putting you off? In fact, let me help you out the door. . .

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