My podcast with Iona Italia

August 2, 2021 • 9:15 am

A few weeks ago I recorded a 50-minute interview with Iona Italia on her “Two for Tea” podcast. Iona, who replaced Helen Pluckrose as host, has interviewed a number of people you’ve hard of, including Richard Dawkins, Andrew “Titania” Doyle, Jesse Singal, Katie Herzog, Tom Chivers, and Greg Lukianoff.

You can listen to the first half of my interview for free, but the rest requires that you subscribe to the channel on Patreon (there are 35 subscriptions left at only $1 per month!). I’ve listened to the first 25 minutes, which you can access by clicking on the screenshot below and then clicking “play episode”.

The first part is about evolution and my book Why Evolution is True; here are the timestamps on the site which tell you what comes later:

3:30 Why Jerry wrote Why Evolution Is True
5:45 Public misperceptions of evolution
8:52 Evolution as a tinkerer: the example of hernias
11:08 Turtles, rhinos and tradeoffs
14:38 How mutation works
16:33 How speciation works (with an excerpt from Why Evolution Is True)
23:46 What people (including Darwin) misunderstand about speciation
28:38 Faith vs. Fact: why evolutionary biology has become the main political battleground of religion vs. science
33:42 A creationist road trip.
36:36 Scientists allying with religious groups. The work of the Templeton Foundation.
42:08 Belief in belief.
46:36 The biggest threats to rationality other than religion.
47:10 The argument from evil; rejection of vaccines
49:59 A reading from Evolution Is True

The first half of the podcast:

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  1. This was excellent, you are as clear and eloquent a speaker as you are a writer. I was impressed with Iona also. (It seems to be impossible to leave a review if you have only viewed the free portion, unfortunately, but I give it maximum stars.)

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