Readers’ wildlife photos

June 29, 2021 • 8:00 am

Please send in your wildlife photos! I’ve also branched out in my pleadings. Matt Young, a founder of the estimable Panda’s Thumb site about evolution whose photos were posted here the other day, has put up one of my own nature photos on that site. It had penguins, of course, and I’ve requested that Matt ask Panda’s Thumb readers to submit photos to my site. Thanks, Matt!

Our contribution today comes from Steve Adams, who hails from Rush, New York. Steve sent some adorable pictures of baby foxes born in his back yard. His description is indented, and you can enlarge the photos by clicking on them. 

Here are some baby red fox (Vulpes vulpes) photos that I have photographed over the past month. A fox family has denned, once again, in our backyard near the edge of the woods. They have been a joy to observe and photograph! There were 4 babies of which we know. Two were more reddish like their mother, and two were more blondish like their father.

13 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

  1. Best thing on the internet today! It must be exhilarating for you, Steve, watching these youngsters gambolling about in your neck o’ the woods. I can’t think of a better salve to the isolation of this pandemic.

    1. Thanks to everyone for the kind words. My wife and I had a blast watching them play, scuffle, and learn to be foxes. I had a good time photographing them as well.

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