“Kiss From a Rose”

June 20, 2021 • 2:15 pm

This 1994 song written and performed by Seal, “Kiss From a Rose” is considered schlocky by many, but I think it’s beautiful—and very complex.  I’ll present two versions: one from the studio and the other in concert. After you watch one or both of them, be sure to listen to Rick Beato’s analysis of the song’s structure: “What makes this song great?” (It was Beato’s post on Auto-tuning that led me to this song, as YouTube is wont to do and wants to do.) YouTube’s “suggestions” on the side of the video you’re watching have often involved me wasting hours of time, but also finding some cool stuff.

Enjoy, though this isn’t everyone’s musical cup of tea.

p.s. Seal’s real name is Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel.

20 thoughts on ““Kiss From a Rose”

  1. I’ve been watching Rick Beato for a couple of years. His analysis of popular songs is fascinating. You can hear a song a hundred times without really listening to it. I watched this video this morning and was amazed.

    1. I’ve also been watching Beato for a couple years. He’s given me appreciation for songs I thought I disliked.

      Like when “Kiss From a Rose” came up, I thought “Oh man, I can’t stand that song,” and then I finally decide to watch the video and I’m “Wow, I had no idea how unconventional and interesting those chord changes and melody are.”

      Professor: you may have seen it already, but Rick does a video on Joni Mitchell’s Amelia. We all know how much you love Joni: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r45L38Eyhpw

      She enjoyed his video so much she took him for dinner when he was recently in LA.

  2. Nice pick

    The tune has gotten better with age – less nostalgia and more “damn, that tune is good – how’d I miss that?”

    [ answer : immaturity ]

    A tune with similar impression, also given The Beato Treatment :

    Every Little Thing She Does – The Police

    … bonus Jacob Collier treatment.

  3. Also

    Seal’s voice sounds like he has something he sees in his mind and is trying to tell the world about it, and the listener is brought along to a new place – not to mention it is expressive.

  4. I read this post earlier today, thought about how I always liked the song, but did not comment. Meanwhile, I heard the song twice today, playing on a film that was on in the background while I was doing other things. Odd.
    Thanks for introducing me to Beato.

  5. Yes, this is an excellent song and Seal is a very good vocalist. I suppose I can see how it might seem schlockey to some, but it always moves me.

    Speaking of Seal he, along with Jeff Beck, did a little known cover of Manic Depression that is one of my favorite covers ever.

    Seal & Jeff Beck – Manic Depression

      1. 👍

        You may never have come across it before. I found it on a loose, scratched Hendrix tribute CD in a used car on a used car sales lot. I’ve never heard it anywhere except when I play it myself. And I don’t get why it isn’t more well known. I think it’s excellent.

        1. That’s awesome. Get that thing into 0s and 1s ASAP!

          I looked on a certain music service out of Cupertino, CA, and did not find it – however, a number of other interesting recordings with Seal and Jeff Beck together came up – a Bob Dylan tribute collection…

  6. Rick Beato’s videos prompt us to really listen to what is going on around us! I love the look of joy on his face when he notices something beautiful in a song. He’s like the Anthony Bourdain of music (hopefully, without the same tragic end).

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