Editing function: is it wonky for you?

May 18, 2021 • 12:00 pm

You normally have 15 minutes after you make a comment to edit it. A few readers have reported that this isn’t working for them. I asked my webmaster to look into it, and here’s the report:

I did check into it, and the edit function seems to work for me with Chrome, Firefox, Safari under normal circumstances unless I enable Private/Incognito Mode — and I’m not sure there will be a fix for that.

It could also be affected by ad blockers and browser settings that prevent saving cookies, or if a comment is held for moderation it won’t show up right away and therefore likely won’t be editable.

I’ll do more research and see if there’s another solution, and I can reach out to the plugin developer as well. I’ll keep you posted.

If you’re still having problems, weigh in below. We aim to please!

41 thoughts on “Editing function: is it wonky for you?

  1. I think my adblocker is the problem. When I use my phone, I can edit. But my desktop has an adblocker so I can’t edit. Makes sense.

    1. For me it stopped weeks ago. It was working fine and then it just went away never to return. To my knowledge I did not change anything. I am using a really old computer for this so maybe that has something to do with it.

      1. Ditto for me, except my Mac isn’t that old (2017). And I’ve never used an ad blocker on this site.

          1. Using Safari instead of Chrome, did immediately bring up the “edit” function. But now WordPress doesn’t know me, and insists on my email/name on each post.

  2. I’m using Brave, a chrome based browser with an ad blocker and my comment on EC got posted so that is a 100% success rate for me 🙂

    1. I use Brave as well, and it allowed me to comment, but not the correction feature. It did in the past.

  3. I’m posting using an Amazon Kindle – I wasn’t having any problems the last time this discussion was held, but I haven’t been able to edit my comments for a short while. About a week? I didn’t notice immediately.

    1. I can’t edit from my laptop (although I used to be able to), but can from my desktop, even though I use the same browser and settings for both.

      Weird, huh?

    1. I have noticed that the edit function has been unavailable in my Chrome, at both home and work. But this will be another test from home. If this is the last sentence, I could not edit.

  4. It was working this morning – Safari with the ad blocker on

    And I added this bit as an edit – so still working

  5. The edit function works for me on Safari, and it’s a very welcome addition.

    There are, however, a couple of other minor problems:

    1. When I compose a comment the browser autofills my email, but not my name. That’s odd. It’s not consistent with other websites.

    2. When I check “Notify me of new comments via email” I’m not notified.

    I’ve checked “Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.”

    Edit: I’m not using ad blocking or disabling cookies

  6. I just posted a comment that was held for less than 5 minutes for moderation and once it went up I could not edit it. I’m using Chrome with an uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger.

  7. I have Chrome on PC and tablet, and the edit function works fine.

    Only slight problem is that on my tablet I see only one line at a time. So I have to wait until I’ve posted the whole thing to see if it makes sense or has any typos etc. Luckily, the edit function has come to my aid each time so far!

    Edit: this could of course just be a feature of my tablet.

  8. Chrome on Windows 8.1 on laptop.

    Edit function disappeared some time ago.

    Comments with links never get posted.

    Typically ~5 minutes for other comments to appear.

      1. The above comment not only took several minutes to show up but also required a page refresh, which the first comment didn’t. The next (and last) comment contains a link.

  9. I’m using run-of-the-mill Firefox with NoScript (which occasionally asks questions about communication between WordPress and JetPack, but has holes punched in it for several WP tools and APIs), and Ublock Origin (which squashes most other adverts.
    The edit function mostly works for me, but some odd things happen with my HTML (and BBCode and Markdown and other markup language) “editor assistant” program https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/edit/?utm_content=addons-manager-reviews-link&utm_medium=firefox-browser&utm_source=firefox-browser . Typically when I am editing in the edit box, the code-string I request (e.g., an open/close pair of [blockquote] tags) is sometimes pasted into the page text at the point where I’d just copied a block of text. What is on the clipboard isn’t changed.
    It’s usable at the moment, but there are definitely holes which need plugging. Changing content in the page, not in the “edit box” is … concerning.

  10. I can’t edit from Chrome though I could when the function was first introduced. Those that have discovered certain ad blockers or browser plugins are the culprit should name them in order that the rest of us take advantage.

    1. I too could edit on Chrome when feature was first introduced; I did not change anything and edit function disappeared.

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