The peeper is fine

May 4, 2021 • 4:44 pm

After several hours of napping on a soft teeshirt in a box next to a space heater, the little one came to life–and how! He (I assume it’s a drake as they hatch first) is running all around my bedroom and peeping up a storm. He’s vigorous, agile, and LOUD! He’s also eating some mealworms and grass and had some water.

Tomorrow: we integrate the little one back into Honey’s brood, and I hope that will be easy. All we need is for Honey to swim next to the bank with her offspring.

Good news!

14 thoughts on “The peeper is fine

  1. Sharing these wonderful reports of caretaking with members of my family, young and old, east and west. Lovely. Thank you.

  2. Ah, relief… I’ve been worried. Hate it when an animal is in danger, especially a little one.

  3. There is no better feeling than to see a baby turn it around and decide to live, and knowing that you had a hand in that.

    I’ve been doing goats for forty years, and I still get a rush when I win one like that.

    Congrats to you, Jerry.


    1. I’ve seen that when my mom has saved a puppy; she’s been breeding dogs as long as I can remember. And then she falls in love with the pups she saves and hates parting with them…naturally. Luckily for me, she gives them to family. 🙂

  4. Margaret Dumont: My husband’s coming back
    Groucho: What’ll I do
    M.D.: Duck behind this couch
    Grouch goes behind the couch
    and then comes back.
    Groucho: There’s no duck behind this couch.

    I was listening to this on Youtube when I read the current blog

  5. Phew! I have been concerned about the duckling. Good luck tomorrow trying to integrate him back with his mother, brothers and sisters. I shall send positive thoughts from Christchurch, NZ that all goes well. All the best!

  6. Given your experience you’ll have better luck than I did last year rescuing a little sparrow from Manhattan’s sidewalks. (THAT ended in tears).

    It is warmer here now so, vaccinated, I’m going out to feed “my” pigeons in the park.

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