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    1. Yes! Almost completely recovered. Tomorrow we try to reunite her with Honey’s brood. I think it’s a male, but not telling. It’s running around my bedroom peeping up a storm, and it’s had a meal and some water.

  1. Ducks!

    I’ve kept ducks for 26 years on my little French farm, and it is difficult to explain to people the charm of ducks. They are brilliantly strategic and develop clever plans to get to food, and yet they are often quite stupid as a group. Of course tame farmyard ducks are not like wild ducks. They are the greediest creatures you will ever meet, and have clever plans to break into the food store. For example a duck will follow me into the foodstore on tiptoe and hide in the shadows until I am gone. And then they will stuff themselves, until they can get to a pond where they settle very low in the water, almost over their back! I suggest ducks have an intelligence somewhat like a dog or a goat. More of their food strategies another time. By the way, Conrad Lorenz got it all wrong about ducks.


  2. Wakey-wakey!! Which of the two is napping the most?

    A pair of mated Mallard ducks used to turn up at the front door of my parents house for a number of years. My mother used to feed them.
    We never saw a nest or any ducklings but they left an egg on one occasion.
    One year there were three of them (no awkward questions asked!!!).

  3. I guess the duckling has imprinted on you now. As such, you are the parent and are responsible for its upbringing. Good luck.

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