Thursday art: Banana bruiser and ambidextrous artist

April 22, 2021 • 2:15 pm

Here are two people who do art in an unusual way.  First, Anna Chojnicka makes ephemeral art by applying different degrees of pressure to banana skins. Her art lasts about ten minutes before it disappears, and then she noms the fruit. She’s very good at what she does.

Note the mallard drake at 39 seconds in!


Here’s an ambidextrous Dutch artist named Rajacenna who can draw completely different pictures with her two hands. I have no idea how one can even do this. And she’s no slouch as an artist!

7 thoughts on “Thursday art: Banana bruiser and ambidextrous artist

  1. I’m told it used to be practically a required skill for professors of comparative anatomy to be able to draw large chalkboard diagrams with both hands simultaneously.

  2. Wonderful to see people enjoying being creative. The ambidextrous artist is baffling, indeed, does she have two conscious states at the same time? I suspect she’s just really good at jumping back and forth between the two. It’s impressive enough to be equally facile with either hand.

    1. Baffling indeed. I also thought it interesting that she holds her “pencils” differently in each hand. I saw it first in the still of this post, but noticed it in the video as well. This must be a very rare talent.

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