Answers to the “young musicians quiz” (and two more to guess)

April 21, 2021 • 8:00 am

Yesterday’s “Guess the music stars” quiz, which showed famous musicians (rock and country) as young kids and asked you to guess who they were, got a surprising amount of attention. In lieu of today’s wildlife photos (send yours in, please!), I’ll give you the answers to yesterday’s quiz, along with my comments.

The photos came from a set published on the “Don’t worry be happy” public Facebook page on May 4 of last year, and you can see the photos, and others I didn’t show, at this link. I was surprised at how few were guessed correctly by most people, but of course I knew the answers when I posted them, so to me it seemed easier than it really was.  But on to the photos!

1.) Carlos Santana.  This would have been one of the hardest for me to guess, I think, but a fair number of people got it.

2.) Ron Wood. This would have been tough for me as well because I’m not a big Stones fan.

3.) Neil Young. COME ON, PEOPLE! How could you miss this one?

4.) John Lennon. Another toughie.

5.) Johnny Cash. Maybe the overalls would help given his poor background as a farmer’s son.

6.) Janis Joplin. Of course! Lots of people got this one.

7.) David Bowie. Another hard one.

8.) Freddie Mercury.  Did anybody get this?

9.) Van Morrison. You can sort of see the future rock star in there. . .

10.) Mick Jagger. Lord, this one isn’t easy!

11.) Jim Morrison. Another hard one.

12.) Paul McCartney. Come on! This is dead easy!

13.) Keith Richards. Not easy. . .

14.) Elvis Presley. Everybody should have gotten this one.

15.) Sting (Gordon Sumner). Not that easy.

16.) Chuck Berry. Not that easy, either.

17.) Ringo Starr. In my view, this one’s easy.

18.) Same as #5, Johnny Cash.

19.) George Harrison. The hair color would throw you off if nothing else.

20.) Mark Knopfler.  A fair few people got this one, but I wouldn’t have.

Since you did so well, here are two more musicians to guess. All comments and guesses below, please.




35 thoughts on “Answers to the “young musicians quiz” (and two more to guess)

  1. “Neil Young. COME ON, PEOPLE! How could you miss this one?” – indeed , he’s still wearing the same shirt! Not that I did very well on the others…

    I reckon the second of the new ones is Johnny Rotten/Lydon?

    1. I too thought #9 was a girl, but I didn’t have a guess. Then after the reveal, I could see Van’s adult face in there.

  2. I got 7 of them before the reveal (although one was probably from having seen Harrison’s pic before – not an easy one). Amazing though, once you see the names, most of them are obvious. I’ve been reading Pinker’s How the Mind Works, and the “aha!” moments must be due to the names and images together helping to recover “representations” of rock stars, or some such.

  3. Sting, and all the Stones, were a piece of cake but I wonder if Keef’s had his ears fixed?? Maybe just always covered with hair.

      1. Yup, still got dem ears! Doesn’t he have complete blood transfusions, like oil changes, every few years?

        1. Speaking of ears, I’m almost finished with Obama’s latest and very long memoir and I lovd the way he (and Michelle) make affectionate fun of his ears.

    1. I mistook Van for Jim – both Morrisons, so that’s weird but perhaps my subconscious was trying to tell me something!

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