Guess the music stars

April 20, 2021 • 12:00 pm

I’m writing today and can’t brain beyond what I’m writing about (for publication).

Here are 20 rock or country stars as kids. They are NOT obscure! Can you guess who they are? I think you’ll be able to get about seven, and I’ve numbered them for your convenience.

If you’re good and put your guesses in the comments below (or the ones you can’t guess), I may provide a key this evening or tomorrow. I took this from a public Facebook post but of course am not going to tell you the source until you guess. If you do a reverse image search, you’ll be cheating.

Oh, and do not look at the comments until you guess.






















63 thoughts on “Guess the music stars

    1. Yeah, Pearl was the easiest. Also, 14 has gotta be Elvis. And just above him at #13, Keith Richards. I’ll go with Sam Cooke at 16.

        1. I don’t want to give it away, but I couldn’t take it anymore and cheated on #8. It’s not Carlos. This one doesn’t look like the adult we all know at all. especially the nose.

  1. Some guesses . . .

    6) Janis Joplin
    10) Mick Jagger
    12) Paul McCartney
    13) Keith Richards
    14) Elvis Presley

    Several others look familiar . . .

    Add . . .

    8) Might be Bobby Goldsboro (probably not)

    1. I think you are right on both and, damn, I knew 20 but couldn’t quite dredge it up out of what’s left of my mind.

  2. 1) Mick Jagger
    3) Eric Clapton
    6) Janis Joplin
    14) Elvis Presley
    15) David Bowie
    16) BB King
    18) Mark Knopfler

    Actually, apart from Janis, I am not sure at all 🙂

  3. 4 John Lennon
    5 & 18. Johnny Cash
    6 Janis Joplin
    10. Mick Jagger
    12. Paul McCartney
    13. Keith Richards
    14. Elvis Presley
    17. Ringo Starr
    19. George Harrison

    I posted these answers without looking at preceding comments.

    1. Finished cooking and eating now and taken a better look:
      1) Jimi
      3) Neil Young?
      6) Janice
      9) Jim Morrison???! A v-e-r-y long shot!
      13) Keef?
      14) Elvis
      15) Jagger?!
      16) Sam Cooke
      17) Ringo? Or George?
      20) That chin is driving me nuts, but I can’t place it!

      1. Oops, misspelled “Janis” twice – I’m blaming autocorrect , but that’s really no excuse for a (so-called) proofreader!

        And reading the other comments I can see I made some egregious errors in my guesses! (Though “egregious” used to be a positive thing, and still is in Spanish and Italian… )

          1. Just found the half-remembered quote on which my ridiculous, and probably incomprehensible, comment was based:

            “Oh Jim,” she said, “are you going to wear the same leather pants again? You never change your clothes. You’re beginning to smell, did you know that?”

            No One Here Gets Out Alive page 127.

    1. Those are the three I got + Janis and I’d bet money they’re right. I wasn’t sure about the others, but after reading some responses, I think a lot were guessed correctly.

  4. My inductive hypothesis based on the photographs above is that one of the keys to adult musical stardom is less than optimal childhood dentition.

  5. 1) ?? Carlos Santana ???
    2) ?
    3) Neil Young
    4) ?
    5) & 18) Johnny Cash
    6) Janis Joplin
    7) David Bowie
    8) ?
    9) ?
    10) Mick Jagger
    11) Jim Morrison
    12) Paul McCartney
    13) Keith Richards
    14) Elvis
    15) ?
    16) Same Cooke
    17) Ringo Star
    18) ?
    19) George Harrison

  6. I an pretty sure I do not know anyone. Baby photos not my thing. However the jury is done and have made their judgement. I would guess guilty all the way around – end if story.

  7. Lennon’s pic (or a variation of it,) was used on the Plastic Ono Band album (back cover), and I think in the “Free As A Bird” video, and I thought it was used on the back of the “Strawberry Fields Forever” / “Penny Lane” single, but I was wrong. I’ve seen Paul’s portrait often as well, but had never seen the Ringo shot.

    Fun fact: the “Strawberry Fields Forever” / “Penny Lane” single was one of only two UK 45s released in a picture sleeve–“Let It Be” was, but in a variation of the LP sleeve.

  8. 1. Smokey Robinson
    2. Eric Clapton
    3. Bob Dylan
    6. Janis Joplin
    7. Neil Young
    9. Joni Mitchell
    12. Paul McCartney
    14. The King Elvis Presley
    16. Sam Cooke
    19. George Harrison

    I am sure of some but others don’t know…

  9. I’ve seen 4 & 12 before, so I know who they are. My guesses for the others:

    5 & 18: Roy Orbison
    10: Mick Jagger
    11: Johnny Cash
    13: Keith Richards
    14: Elvis Presley
    15: David Bowie
    17: Ringo Starr
    19: George Harrison

  10. Without reading the other comments, I’m pretty sure 12 is Paul McCartney and 14 is Elvis. I feel as if I should know #1, but can’t think of his name. Obviously, I’m rubbish at this.

  11. My guesses. Full disclosure: I read a lot of music biographies so knew some from that,

    1.Jimi Hendrix
    3. Neil Young
    4. John Lennon
    5 & 18. Johnny Cash
    6. Janice Joplin
    7. David Bowie
    8. Freddie Mercury
    12. Paul McCartney
    13. Keith Richards
    14. Elvis Presley
    15. Sting
    17.Ringo Starr
    19. George Harrison
    20. Mark Knopfler

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