Watch the Inauguration live here starting 9 a.m. Eastern time

January 20, 2021 • 7:30 am

Joe Biden’s Inaugural Committee is hosting this live video of the festivities, which begin in about 30 minutes: at 9 am Eastern Time.  I’m not sure what’s on tap except for the swearing in of Biden and Harris, but check it out from time to time.  You’ll get to

Other events and livestreams can be found here and here.  The swearing-in ceremony is set to begin at around 11 a.m. Eastern Time, but I’d tune in about 10:30 just to be sure, as I’ve seen conflicting times.

The New York Times gives this schedule:

The inauguration will begin around 11 a.m. Eastern. Mr. Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will take the oath of office just before noon on the West Front of the Capitol, where Mr. Biden will also deliver an address to the nation for the first time as president.

Lady Gaga will sing the national anthem at the swearing-in, and Jennifer Lopez and Garth Brooks are also set to perform.

Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris, along with their spouses, Jill Biden and Douglas Emhoff, will then conduct a review of the military and visit Arlington National Cemetery to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns. They will be joined by three former presidents and their wives: Barack and Michelle Obama, George W. and Laura Bush, and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Finally, Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris will head to the White House. Instead of a parade along Pennsylvania Avenue, a virtual procession will showcase performers and speakers from across the country.

22 thoughts on “Watch the Inauguration live here starting 9 a.m. Eastern time

  1. Maybe we should just burn down the White House and start over. I don’t think there is any way to get the stench out.

    1. We (British) did that 200 years ago & it didn’t work then! 🤣

      Sorry, could not resist. This is an olfaction question for Matthew…

  2. Thanks for this link Jerry. We will be shooting fireworks tonight and opening a 1996 Chateau Haut Brion. I’ve had it in the cellar since 1998. We’ve been waiting for an occasion! 🙂

  3. Maybe some of the more thoughtful and measured members of this list can help me work through this (perhaps banal) dilemma. I am happy to return to rule of law and reason and turn the page on the dark Trump chapter. But, when I tune in to the ceremonies and the first thing I see (recorded from last night’s honoring of Covid deaths) is a member of the clergy invoking God, I am reminded once again that this country blatantly disrespects the basic tenet of separation of Church and State and makes its nonbelieving citizens feel second class. I usually just look the other way and accept it as innocent tradition. But this time, amidst all of the discussion of inclusion (which I support), this feels exclusionary. I await the mature perspective and advice of other members on the list. If you don’t have the time to reply, just recommend something I could read to help me work through this question. thanks.

    1. What occurred to me on this was:

      As preliminary, a set (of objects) is completely determined by which things are its members.
      It follows that there can be ONLY ONE EMPTY SET.

      Now consider ‘two’ sets:

      The set of all the actual evidence that the Dems stole the election.

      The set of all the objects to which that stupid benediction at the inauguration was addressed.

      So now we know they are the SAME SET, by that little observation of set theory above.

  4. Joe Biden will not only be easily the nation’s oldest president, but also only the second Catholic (the other being JFK). And Kamala Harris, of course, will be the nation’s first woman, first black, and first south Asian vice president.

    It also bears remarking that the first Jew will be making his home at the VP’s residence on the Naval Observatory grounds (although Joe Lieberman came within a single SCOTUS vote of making that breakthrough in 2000). Kamala Harris’s husband, Doug Emhoff, will also be just a 78-year-old’s heartbeat away from becoming the nation’s first FGOTUS (First Gentleman of the United States).

  5. OK, Lady Gaga’s got an awesome set of pipes, but I’d like to see the music of her rhythmically complicated National Anthem. She began in 4/4 time, then had some moments in 3/4 time. There were some transitions that were rhythmically ambivalent. FYI, if you didn’t know already, the Anthem is strictly in 3/4 time, usually in the key of Ab major. It all held together well, with kudos to the superb Marine Band. They and the Lady must have surely rehearsed the hell out of it.

  6. Solid speech so far. He’s fumbling the verbiage occasionally, but he comes across as genuine and the content is very timely, relevant, and forward-thinking. (All IMO…)

    1. Very occasionally if I may say so. I thought Biden was astonishingly articulate. I had a boss who had a stammer. It is a very difficult impediment to surmount.

    1. Yeah it got pretty Goddy at the end. But Biden *is* religious, so it’s at least sincere. Yet another contrast with the previous occupant of the WH.

  7. It’s awfully tiresome these constant allusions by all and sundry during Inaugurations ( and indeed at the drop of a hat ) to the peaceful transition of power from one Administration to the next and the inference that this defines America and somehow sets it apart from lesser nations. Remind me please, when last did riots attend a change of government in the UK or before that, Great Britain? Even as far back as 1688 the accession of William & Mary over James II & VII was called the Peaceful or Bloodless Revolution.

    1. The Glorious Revolution was in the main a good thing, but it was not bloodless or peaceful in Scotland or Ireland.

      1. You are correct so far as concerns Scotland but let’s not exaggerate the effect of the only battle between Government troops and adherents to King James, ie. Killiecrankie. With the death of Viscount Dundee Scots opposition was effectively at an end.

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