Caturday felid trifecta: Spot the shop cats, cardboard forts for cats, and Taddy the snowboarding moggy

December 26, 2020 • 9:15 am

This is the last Caturday post in 2020, but of course we will persist, though I depend on readers to send me items with Cats in the News.

When I was in Hong Kong, I noticed that many small shops had a resident cat, which I think is considered lucky by the Chinese. There’s a new book out above them, though the one article about it, from the South China Morning Post, is resolutely paywalled.  It’s apparently both a cartoon book about a cat named Spot, but, more important for us, features hidden shop cats:

Meet Spot, the cartoon cat who leaps from page to page as he recounts daily life in a dried goods shop, sharing his intuitive dry humour on life, the superiority of cats throughout the ages, and the failings of humans’ so-called best friends.

This delightful book showcases Stephen Case’s cracking illustrations alongside Marcel Heijnen’s beautifully detailed photographs and quirky rhymes, brilliantly converted into comical Catonese by Aki Leung.

A chuckle for all ages, the book throws up a challenge too. Can you “spot the shop cat” in every photo?
It’s not as easy as you think!

Click on the screen shot to buy it (it’s about $33 US dollars)


The authors:

Can you spot the shop cats? It’s not that easy!

This is a hard one!

Another hard one!

Good luck. I expect every reader to spot the cat in these photos before going on.

And one of the cartoons:



From Sad and Useless, we have a series of photos of the elaborate cardboard structures that staff have constructed for their moggies during the quarantine. There are a lot more at the site!


Finally, two videos of Taddy the snowboarding cat. The first one shows him in action, while the second is a “behind the scenes” video (there’s a custom rap song accompanying the shots):

“The Making of. . . ” Taddy does seem to like snowboarding! (Or maybe he just doesn’t like to get his paws cold. . . )


h/t: Ginger K., Barry, Divy

9 thoughts on “Caturday felid trifecta: Spot the shop cats, cardboard forts for cats, and Taddy the snowboarding moggy

  1. Taddy is impressive. I’ve never had a cat that likes the ground under them to move. I couldn’t figure out his thought process there…..?

  2. I had to search carefully to find a shop cat in each photo, and in the process noticed at least one owner “supervising” the shop by Zoom-a-like, and realised that Jerry would deliberately put in at least one picture with two shop cats. I haven’t worked out which one, and have spent far too much time on the search.

  3. Hissing Booth for the win!

    The “This is a hard one!” cat literary jumped at me. The next one was hardest for me, due to the unexpected perspective – I found it by eliminating “the usual cat poses” and not by any dedicated wetwired optics.

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