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December 21, 2020 • 4:29 pm

For some reason that I don’t understand, the feature that required commenters to have an approved comment (the first one) before they could comment freely malfunctioned, as the relevant box in the dashboard got de-checked. The result was that a few first-time commenters came over here and dominated a post or two with lunacy.  I think I’ve fixed the problem, but I’m asking readers to email me if suspicious, wonky, or huge numbers of crazy comments appear. Let me know the thread and the commenter.

If you were a first-time commenter who got through without approval, I ask you to read Da Roolz for commenting on the sidebar. If you don’t adhere to them, you’ll be either moderated or banned.

Thank you,
The Proprietor

12 thoughts on “Wonky comments appearing

  1. JAC – this just showed up on WEIT email notifications, but the post is empty:

    Testing new Polls
    by Tom Lewek
    Tom Lewek | December 21, 2000 at 5:06 pm | Categories: Uncategorized | URL: https://wp.me/ppUXF-1r2A
    Comment See all comments

  2. That was my fault — I’m the Web Designer/Developer and I was testing out new functionality for the website — and didn’t realize it would trigger an email to subscribers. Please disregard, thanks!

      1. Yes, that is strange, and I’m looking into it. Are you using DuckDuckGo, blocking cookies, or anything with your browser that would prevent saving your info? Can’t quite nail down the issue so far but hoping to come across a solution soon.

        1. I don’t think DDG itself does anything to prevent cookies being set – but it’s quite likely that anyone using a non-default search engine (i.e. not Google, unless MS’s latest is still/ again tied to Bing) is also doing other non-default things – like blocking scripting and advertising trackers. I use both UBlock Origin and noScript, but after enabling four sites for scripting (
          whyevolutionistrue.com, gravatar.com, wordpress.com and wp.com) and having a couple of others permitted (from other sites) I can get onto the site and comment without problems.
          What I am missing though is the access that “gravatar” used to give me to a list of posts I’d previously made, and any replies to them. Whether that’s a WEIT site issue, or a Gravatar one, I’m not sure (I don’t have any other sites on which I use Gravatar, so it could be either).
          I’ve noticed the “Notify me of new comments via email.” tickbox, and maybe that will enable threaded commenting (at the expense of adding to the dozens of emails a day).
          (EDIT : oh, “Save/Cancel/ Delete” buttons – they weren’t there last week, when I last edited a post. )
          (EDIT 2 : and the 15 minute countdown timer doesn’t re-set after your first edit, which I think it used to do.)

          1. FWIW, the new site design has restored all my earlier comment functions without any action from my side. I now retain my login and my gravatar.

            I currently use primarily Chrome with AdBlock. [I had to give up noScript on my old browser and old connection but that may be a good idea to try again. Though Chrome is a memory hog still.]

            1. The stars are in the sky ; the planets are in their orbits.

              Chrome is a memory hog still.

              All is good in the world.

    1. Here’s a question for you (feel free to ignore it — I know I’m not your client!) — most of the time, when I post a comment, the page reloads from the top but my comment doesn’t appear. If I refresh the page it’s still not there for maybe ten minutes. And when it does show up, the “you have x minutes to edit” feature does not appear (possibly the time has already run out). but maybe one time in five, my comment (and the editing feature) appear right away. [I’m using Firefox with various ad-blockers running.]

    2. FYI, I just got thrown a wobbly from NoScript. Message follows.
      Is filtering out LINKS to images a desired feature (as opposed to preventing posting of images themselves)?

      Error message, with HTML tag delimiters replaced by text, e.g. “LESSTHAN_ANGLE_BRACKET” :

      NoScript detected a potential Cross-Site Scripting attack

      from https://jetpack.wordpress.com to https://whyevolutionistrue.com.

      Suspicious data:

      (POST) comment=LESSTHAN_ANGLE_BRACKET blockquote MORETHAN_ANGLE_BRACKET as there are lots of non-gender bathrooms (we have some) that aren’t problematic LESSTHAN_ANGLE_BRACKET /blockquote MORETHAN_ANGLE_BRACKET Do architects still design new buildings with “gendered” sanitary facilities in any sense more fundamental than the label on the door. LESSTHAN_ANGLE_BRACKETimg src=”https://media.istockphoto.com/photos/toilet-sign-men-women-aliens-picture-id517228542″ alt=”NB : the alien may be from a non-binary biology. Sign is reversible.”MORETHAN_ANGLE_BRACKET

  3. Did the poll work? Knock once for “yes” and once for “no”?
    I’ve been to the Discovery Institute website – I know how to run opinion polls.

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