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November 27, 2020 • 8:00 am

The photo tank is getting a bit low, so send in your good wildlife photos, please.

Today we have another batch of lovely penguin photos and videos from reader Peter Klaver. I’ve put his notes and IDs in indents.

Below is a third and last batch of wildlife photos from the holiday in Argentina + Antarctica I had with Rachel. [JAC: I haven’t yet put up the second batch.] As with the previous two submissions, English and Latin names come courtesy of Rachel Wilmoth.

The animals we saw most of in Antarctica were penguins. Most numerous were gentoo penguinsPygoscelis papua.

We also saw chinstrap penguins, Pygoscelis antarcticus.

The gentoo penguin colonies we saw numbered up to lower hundreds.
We were there in February and there were young.
While these little fluff balls are indisputably cute, like human babies they are highly demanding of their parents’ attention.

When they grow a bit older, they start shedding:

They have a funny walk, as you can somewhat see in the pictures below but better in the video clips here and here.

We were told not to go closer to them than 5 meters. But they are not shy and if they walk up to you it’s ok. So you can get Pygoscelis papua in the same shot as Homo sapiens for size.
All the photos and video of our Argentina + Antarctica trip are here.

8 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

  1. We can never have too many penguin photos or information! I especially love the one of the youngster shedding and the one at the end–“up close and personal.”

  2. Seriously, is there anybody that doesn’t love penguins?

    I’m very classist when it comes to animals – mammals rule – but even I love penguins.

    Thanks to all the photographers who have submitted stuff over the year, even if we don’t comment on those posts much we still appreciate them.

  3. Sadly, right at the top, WP insists on calling this a a “blog.” Don’t know if it allows you to change that.

    • Like that it tells you how long you have to edit/change a comment. • the “notify of new comments” remains. • And larger comment box in black & white is easier to read. • And window is resizable, also a plus.


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