Gargoyles and ducks

I have a few pics and one video today; I decided to post my remaining duck pictures and videos over the coming weeks to help me remember them when they’re gone (they’re already leaving since we cut way back on their food).

First, though, here are the gargoyles over the arch attached to my building; they’ve been gussied up for the pandemic:


And some ducks. First, Honey was here yesterday, and may be here today but today’s a “no feed” day as part of our schedule to gradually wean the ducks from food. I don’t go to the pond on “no feed” days as the ducks know me and will rush me begging for noms. It breaks my heart. But they need to leave, and I need to exercise tough love.

Here, though, is Honey on September 28, when we were feeding ducks cracked corn on Duck Plaza. Honey partook of the comestibles, but you can see that she’s obsessed with driving the other ducks away from the food—to the extent that she would forego her own corn to peck and chase the other ducks. Watch the feathers fly when she pecks the intruders!

Here she’s simply showing the other ducks that she’s dominant, and the “barking” you hear is from her. We can always identify Honey by her barking and aggressive behavior. Although we sometimes call her the “psycho killer duck,” I still love her, and made sure she was well fed. I do hope she returns next spring.

Some photos of the late departed Frisky, who left fat and in good shape. He’s been gone for about a week. I do miss him!

Head on:

Frisky resting on the Sacred Knob:

And a lone drake in the afternoon:

12 thoughts on “Gargoyles and ducks

  1. A bittersweet post. JC is so large-hearted. Preparation for the sad departure is made so much sadder owing to the inevitable uncertainty of Honey and Co.’s fate over the winter. We all ardently hope she and her gang return in the spring.

  2. I wonder if I could have your response to this. One of my rescue cats was recently diagnosed as terminal. She’s in terrible shape and the time is growing near I guess when I’ll have to take her to the vet one last time. I have a prescription for percocet and since I cannot swallow pills (strep throat) I dissolve them in water. Two nights ago, I noticed that she had got up on the counter and was drinking from my glass, using her paw as a spoon. I took the glass away immediately, ofcourse. I’m probably reading too much into this, but I dare say she gave me a look that I can only describe as imploring. I’m convinced she got relief. The proper course of action, however, is just to get her to the vet and get it over with. Right?

      1. Thanks.
        There are no native turtle species where I live now and it’s been a long time since I lived where there were any, so I no longer have much feel for their seasonal cycles. I did enjoy seeing them on the cam.

  3. Frisky looked spectacular at the end. I kinda hope he brings a hen home to the pond in the spring…then again, I’m not sure how Honey would react.

    So I guess here’s hoping he finds love somewhere, even if not Botany pond.

  4. Masked Gargoyles, Maskless ducks…except that Frisky wears a mask whilst in the mating wiles. I love the duck posts and will miss them as winter hits. 🙁

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