Readers’ wildlife photos

October 31, 2020 • 8:15 am

Send in your photos, but make sure they’re good ones. Thanks!

Today was have some lovely landscapes from reader Bill Zorn. His captions are indented.

Sand Dunes, Colorado:

The Narrows, Utah:

Altamaha River, Georgia:

Monument Valley, Utah:

Jekyll Island, Georgia:

Jekyll Island, Georgia:

Linville Gorge, North Carolina:

Irwin Creek, Colorado:

Reeds, Georgia:

North Fork of the Virgin River, Utah:

These images were made using a Linhof Master Technika 2000 camera, Fuji Velvia film. I sent the film to a lab, and printed these on Ilfochrome. These are scans from the transparencies.


15 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

    1. similar; doesn’t have the internal focussing mechanism for ultra-wide lenses. i can focus a 47mm (14mm for 35mm cameras) without using a bag bellows.

      if you’re interested in buying a linhof kit, i’d sell mine.

  1. “The company is well known for making premium rollfilm and large format film cameras. […] Linhof is the oldest still-producing camera manufacturer in the world after Gandolfi and Kodak stopped their production.”

    source^* : <–*no sources cited*

  2. Fabulous photos. It reminds me that I must get outside today and every day, even if my regional environs are not so spectacular. Besides, the solitude of nature feels not so lonely as an empty house.

  3. Beautiful subtle tones to your landscape work. I would love to see larger versions, particularly the photo at Jekyll island.

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