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I received one more, so after this I have one in the tank. That means that unless I hear from other readers, this nice series will go toes up. Send in your profile, please!

Today’s reader is Joe McClain, whose words are indented below:

Here are a couple of photos. My wife and I moved to a 46-acre spread in Floyd County, Virginia, in February. I am working remotely for William & Mary. One photo, taken today (July 21) is me with a stunning and stunned specimen of Melanerpes carolinus — red bellied woodpecker. This fellow smacked into the window of my home office. I went outside, gathered him up and soothed him. He flew off after a few minutes, landing on the trunk of a tree and immediately began pecking for food. The second photo is me with my wife, Helen, inside a yurt. Floyd has a yurt store, but this one is the first I’ve ever entered. This yurt is along a trail on the property of RiverEdge Farms, where we get produce that our own garden is not producing.


14 thoughts on “Photos of readers

  1. … I have one in the tank. That means that unless I hear from other readers, this nice series will go toes up.

    Seems that, like Mick and Keith, you can’t always get what you want, boss, but as long as you try sometimes, you get what need to keep the series going.

    Here’s hoping the schpilkes over waiting to make that next connection doesn’t cause you to blow a fifty-amp fuse. 🙂

  2. The red bellied shows evidence of narrow programming. From unconscious to feeding in minutes!

  3. I’ll argue that not washing windows is an integral part of my plan to prevent birds from flying into them. Of course, if we all lived in yurts it wouldn’t be a problem.

  4. What a good looking couple you are, Joe and Helen! It must be wonderful to have that huge spread to call home. The woodpecker is gorgeous. Poor thing… was going to say it might have had a headache after that smack into the window, but they are like jackhammers into those dead/half-dead trees.

  5. Stop stressing me out Professor!
    If you don’t have a few submissions for a few days SUSPEND the category for a few days – they’ll roll back in soon. Don’t cancel it – I LIKE to see the other readers’ lives.

    Or… (consider this) accept repeat offenders. I have a another good one I can send.
    D.A.,J.D., NYC

    ps Oh. While I’ve been drinkin’ and in the mood for bitching at ya – stop kvetching about the numbers. TENS OF THOUSANDS of people read what you write every day. Don’t fret! Just keep giving us something to look forward to reading each day – we appreciate it.
    That’s why *I* write.

    So that’s that, then.

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments and to Jerry for the post. I showed it to my “very small” wife, Helen, who correctly pointed out that the yurt is at “Riverstone” farms. We also deal with some neighbors who operate “Fields Edge” farm. I often confuse the names, but both are worthy enterprises.

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