Readers’ wildlife photos

May 15, 2020 • 7:30 am

Today is part 2 of John Crisp’s photos of assorted birds—and one insect (part 1 is here). I’ve linked to the species but haven’t provided the Latin binomial. John’s narrative and IDs are indented.

This is the second octet. Most of the titles speak for themselves. Again, all these I photographed within a mile of where I live. I sent you another red kite a few weeks ago, but I am particularly chuffed with this particular photo. The ladybirds (or what you call ladybugs, I believe) are just there because they’re cute. The toucan I was lucky enough to spot in Argentina in January, after returning from Antarctica. The nightjar I saw early one morning, also in Argentina, but this time in the rainforest. If anybody can identify it more accurately, that would be great.

Grey Heron in flight:

Ladybird beetles on sage:


Mandarin duck:


Red kite from above:

Common Reed bunting:

Swans mating:


11 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

    1. My Argentinian bird guide says there is only one other species of potoo in Argentina, the Long-tailed Potoo, which has an extremely restricted range in the country. Given that and the fact the photo corresponds much better to the illustration of Common Potoo in the guide, I think we can definitely say it’s a Common Potoo (unless there’s been a split in the species since the guide was published in 2003).

      The toucan is a Toco Toucan (Ramphastos toco).

      Love the Potoo photo.

  1. All are excellent. The mandarin duck is certainly well dressed, isn’t he. You might have to say he outshines the wood duck, but, I’ve already adopted the wood duck as my official favorite duck.

    1. The wood duck and mandarin duck are actually very closely related. The males of both species are over-the-top in their plumage. The mandarin maybe a bit more than the wood but it’s a tough call in my book! The females look similar.

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