Caturday felid trifecta: Street cat leads woman to cat food section of grocery store, gets adopted; an engineer’s guide to cats; cats driving tanks (and lagniappe)

May 2, 2020 • 9:00 am

Here’s a lovely story from Mexico. As Bored Panda reports (click on screenshot below), and the video apparently shows, a tailless and dirty street cat led a woman into the grocery store and straight to the catfood section:

33-year-old primary school teacher Tania Lizbeth Santos Coy Tova spotted a little stray cat at her local supermarket in Piedras Negras, Mexico. In the video she took, the cat looks at Tania and when she gently strokes him, he starts to follow her to the supermarket. In a few seconds, he leads her to the food stall and paw-points to the cat food. He knows the cat food brand he likes and Tania lovingly laughs.

An Instagram post (click on screenshot to to to Instagram and see the video)

The best news is that she adopted the cat, named him Conjego (rabbit, for his tailless condition), and got him medical care and gave him a loving home. Now Rabbit Cat is doing fine:

“Buy me this, please!”



All’s well that ends well (well, the cat doesn’t end perfectly, as his tail is truncated):



This was published seven years ago, and I may have posted it before. But if I did, it was so long ago that I, at least, have forgotten.

This nine-minute video features two engineers “deconstructing” their cats Oscar, Ginger, Zoe, and Sweet William the First.  The crotch-pressure experiment, as well as the observation of costume-induced rolling behavior, which is hemisphere specific, are especially intriguing.  You can see more scientific analysis of cats from these engineers at this site.


From Sad and Useless, we have a report of quarantined cat staff putting their charges into cardboard tanks! The fact that there’s more than one testifies to a specific form of mental illness that afflicts different people in the same way:

Here are five examples, but there are several others at the site:

This one even has sound effects!


Lagniappe: a cartoon from Matthew Inman at the Oatmeal. But since cats have nine lives, can they really come back as anything other than a cat—at least for the first eight deaths?

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11 thoughts on “Caturday felid trifecta: Street cat leads woman to cat food section of grocery store, gets adopted; an engineer’s guide to cats; cats driving tanks (and lagniappe)

  1. You have provided a public service. Just this morning, my son, who just bought a roomba and has a new cat, was pondering getting the cat a dinosaur costume for the roomba and a lion costume for Halloween. The video demonstrated the dangers of costume induced sideways cat instability syndrome. His sisters and I are hoping he will now reconsider this idea. Thank you. Just in the nick of time.

  2. My cousin was in a grocery store when a terrified, skinny cat zoomed in, went right to the cat food aisle, knocked a bag of cat food off the shelf, and began frantically scarfing down the food. Myrla, of course, took the cat home, where it led a cushy, well-fed life.

  3. As the proud owner of a Manx cat, I think there’s nothing wrong with how his rear end ends!

    He doesn’t have the raised back of a Manxie though so there’s probably a sad story in there. Glad to hear he’s found a forever home


  4. The stray cat thing happened to me too, some years ago, when I visited a friend who had moved into a new house where the previous occupant had left their blue burmese cat behind. As we were preparing dinner the cat came out of the bush meowing piteously but nonetheless scared of us. I lured it with food into a cat carrier then took it to the vet next day and ended up with a new cat. I named him Shadow because he was a shadow of his former self. He had a good life after that!

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