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April 5, 2020 • 3:09 pm

Perhaps because people are staying home more and spending more time on the Internet, I’m getting much more email than usual, often from readers contributing items and suggestions.  While I’m grateful for this—after all, at least half of what I post comes from items noticed and forwarded by readers—I’m starting to have trouble keeping up with and acknowledging contributions. I’ve even lost some, which is really embarrassing.

Therefore, I’d like to ask people to accumulate their suggestions over several days, put them in one email, and then send them along, say, every three or four days—unless the item is time-sensitive. That will reduce the volume of emails I need to acknowledge and make me able to look stuff over more efficiently.

This does not include, of course, things like pointing out errors and typos I make (which I like to correct ASAP), links that don’t work, site issues like unposted comments, and the like.

Thanks! I’m Professor Ceiling Cat (Emeritus) and. .

5 thoughts on “Note to readers

  1. Dr. Coyne: I’m reading your book Why Evolution is True. The copy I have is from a lending library. I’m curious if a glitch in this edition was corrected in later editions. On page 24 of my copy you write about Nicholaus Steno and the passage states that Steno was canonized by Pope Pius XI in 1988. As I’m sure you know, that can’t possibly be correct – I’m 75 years old and remember that Pius XII was the pope until his death and the election of John XXIII. I went to Wikipedia, and saw that the process of Steno’s canonization was begun in 1938 – which was during the time of Pius XI – and in 1988 John Paul II beatified Steno. So, Steno has not been canonized, and the facts about the popes are mixed up (very understandable — when you’ve seen one pope, you’ve seen them all). In my opinion this minor glitch in no way detracts from the importance of your work, but I’m just curious if it was corrected in subsequent editions of the book? One final observation, given the requirement of miracles, I doubt, or at least hope, that Steno will never be canonized.

    1. I’ve already noted this (it’s been brought to my attention several times), and it would indeed be corrected in subsequent editions of the book, but there have been no subsequent editions of the book and probably won’t be. So it stands, for the time, as an error I know about. Thanks for reminding me, though. I have a list of several things that need correction!

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