Find the hot chocolate!

March 24, 2020 • 8:45 am

Here’s a tweet from Mr. Lumpy & Friends, which shows a cartoon of a bunch of penguins. One of them is holding a mug of hot chocolate. Can you find the penguin with the libation?  I’ll enlarge the photo below. (h/t: Matthew).

Reveal at 11 a.m. Chicago time.

You can click again to further enlarge. I rate this one “medium difficulty”.

17 thoughts on “Find the hot chocolate!

  1. Finally found it! Not that easy, but I can never find the grasshopper in the forest in those other “Find the x” posts, either.

  2. I generally find “animals in natural surroundings” challenges a lot more difficult and often impossible in any reasonable time frame (the jaguar would eat me before I saw it!)

    1. Correct–after finding the guy who did the analysis of all the Waldos,and checking it out, I knew exactly where to look.

  3. Found it after reading the comment about “wing”.

    But…but…which penguin has presently asymptomatic and as yet undiagnosed but nevertheless contagious Covid-19? They are NOT socially distancing! This is a disaster in the making!

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