Sunday: Hili dialogue and Manchester weather warning

March 1, 2020 • 4:32 am

by Matthew Cobb

Hili, like all cats, expects to be waited upon:

Hili: I want to go home now.
Paulina: Shall I open the door for you?
Hili: That’s exactly what I’m trying to say.
In Polish:
Hili: Teraz już chcę wrócić do domu.
Paulina: Czyli mam ci otworzyć drzwi?
Hili: To właśnie próbuję powiedzieć
.Meanwhile, in Manchester, my colleague Stuart Jones highlights this weather warning on his iPhone:

11 thoughts on “Sunday: Hili dialogue and Manchester weather warning

  1. Thanks for pitching in for jerry this week, matthew. Glad to see you getting some sun and drying out in the midlands. Sounds like jerry will be having a spell of rain in paris.

  2. Bewildered by the conflicting analyses offered here re the Primaries, I reasoned the confusion was likely due to a missing data set. Turns out I may have found it: the Guardian has published a list of which celebrities are supporting whom.

    WARREN has a slew of Hollywood A List Women from Scarlett Johansson to Sally Field and much LGBTQ+ support (though not Lizzo, see below).

    BIDEN has many fewer, but they are Hollywood Gold: Cher, Tom Hanks, Alac Baldwin.

    BLOOMBERG has Ted Danson and a fashion designer.

    KLOBUCHAR is lagging badly although she does have the American Idol season two runner-up.

    SAUNDERS is cleaning up, with celebs ranging from Jack Nicholson (83) to Lizzo (who is generally fluid and calls her fans “Lizzbians”). In truth, it’s easy to see what these two have common with each other and, indeed, with Bernie.

    Crucially, #HotGirlsForBernie has been thirst trapping on his behalf, soon joined by #HotBoysForBernie. As most will know, this is quite arduous and requires considerable personal sacrifice: it consists of posting sexy photos of yourself.

    Which brings us to MAYOR PETE. He has Gwyneth Paltrow and so is probably a shoo-in.

  3. I don’t know if it is any matter of importance to readers here but I see that the great turtle conservationist Dr. Peter Pritchard has died. He was a giant in the field of chelonian research and conservation. He was the director of the Chelonian Research Institut in Orlando, had studied under the legendary Dr. Archie Carr, was the author of seven books and translator of several others. Our little friends ‘twixt played decks have lost a great champion in the fight for their survival.

    1. I am sorry I did not know about him. But because of your post, I looked up his nice obituary and posted it on facebook. Like his introduction to the critters:

      “When Dr. Pritchard was 10, his grandparents took him to the London Zoo. He saw, for the first time, a turtle. He was thunderstruck.

      “I didn’t even know there were such things before,” he explained years later, his British accent clipped but genial.

      He began reading everything he could find about them. The more he learned, the better he liked them.

      “Turtles are not trying to dominate Earth,” he once said. “They’re just trying to survive.”

      Reason enough to mourn his passing.

    2. I made a slight error in that he wrote “several”, not “seven”, about twelve, as far as I can tell, and I can only find one he helped translate. I’ll blame my errors on my fighting a head cold this morning. What is certain is that if anyone finds themselves near Orlando, specially Oviedo, Florida they must check out the Chelonia Research institute, housing 13,000 specimens, or 95% of living species of Chelonians. Today would be a good day to send some $ their way, or to Turtle Survival Alliance, or the Turtle Conservancy.

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