Friday: Hili dialogue, farm rush hour, animal tweets

November 22, 2019 • 5:39 am

by Matthew Cobb

Hili is keeping watch:

A: What are you doing?
Hili: I’m guarding this rainbow ribbon to keep it from moving.
Ja: Co ty robisz?
Hili: Pilnuję, żeby ta tęczowa wstążka się nie ruszała.
If it’s Friday – or any other day – it must be rush hour down on the farm!

Heartwarming animal tweet:

And another:

Trailcam tweet:

And another:

Some slo-mo bats:


Cat-sheep friends

Some brief advice on what we can do as individuals to respond to the climate crisis, from my colleague Kevin Anderson:

Next year, it will all be about the Mars2020 mission. Space scientist Emily Lakdawalla got a sneak preview:

Finally, when The Boss tires of life at University, he can always find another occupation (DO NOT FEED BREAD TO DUCKS):

6 thoughts on “Friday: Hili dialogue, farm rush hour, animal tweets

  1. I like “what can we do about climate”. Most often we hear how we should reduce our carbon footprint, but seldom is it tied to explicitly spreading the word and influencing legislators. The little one person can do on their own is not very significant compared to legislation. A single law outlawing plastic bags or subsidizing electric cars will have a real impact and can lead eventually to reorganizing energy policy worldwide.

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