Mietek the kitten is cured!

November 13, 2019 • 3:13 pm

At last—some good news about the injured stray Mietek, adopted by Andrzej the Second and Elzbieta, and now the brother of Leon.

Mietek, you may recall, had been savagely kicked by some animal abuser and then deposited, badly injured and starving, in a cardboard box in front of a church. Andrzej II and Elzbieta rescued him and rushed him to the vet, where they performed an emergency operation to stitch his insides together.

The first operation saved him, but it wasn’t clear whether the membrane they jerry-rigged to keep his innards in would hold. Now, though, a second operation has been performed, and it’s been pronounced successful. His wound is properly closed.

Mietek is a bit out of it after two successive procedures, but he’s doing well. Here’s a photo of the little ginger tom resting, his belly covered with some silver and blue ointments applied by the vet.

Mietek’s new brother Leon is looking on paternally. A big thanks to Malgorzata for sending all the news and the photos.

30 thoughts on “Mietek the kitten is cured!

  1. HooRAY! SO glad to hear of this happy outcome! We’ll be looking forward to hear about the two bros’ adventures henceforth!

      1. I see the title is fixed now. Apologies for being picky – proofreading never stops, which can be equally frustrating for all involved.

  2. Wonderful news! Mietek is right at home and Leon looks like he’s happy that his little brother is on the mend.

  3. Thank you to everyone who saved this kitten and gave it a home. Real angels live on Earth.

    Man, that was corny, but it’s staying in!

    1. Just because it’s corny doesn’t mean it’s not true. Cliches exist for a very good reason and the prejudice against them isn’t always justified. After all, one (wo)man’s cliche is another’s proverb.

      1. I wasn’t saying it wasn’t true, just that I felt almost silly saying it, but that it was staying in anyway because I’m so grateful to everyone who helped this little kitty.

  4. Another reason to feel great about the world in general and the potential for good outcomes from tough situations. As Dan Dennett would say – thank goodness. Thank the docs who train many years to be able to do this kind of surgery. Thank the vet techs who handle all the extras that go on in a vet clinic. Thanks the millions of people who care enough to adopt pets who need a home.

  5. Such wonderful news is needed by many of us right now. Thanks to all those who participated in his rescue, and may he live a happy, long life with brother Leon and staff–with maybe an occasional visit to cousin Hili and her staff.

  6. Great news ,off topic ,my cat Misha came in limping (he had not been out very long )on his front left paw ,one visit to the vet ,another puncture wound ,and pain med and antibiotics .
    I wish he would stop fighting ,he is no good at it .

    Even further off topic ,there was a bit in the Guardian today about fat cats .No not them on Wall St ,you would not believe the comments left by cat haters ,i am on the naughty step over at the Guardian lol ,my comments are being premoderated ,just because i posted something insulting about my local tory MP .lol.

  7. Swietna wiadomosc! Co za ulga, wiedziec ze sa na tym swiecie jeszcze dobrzy ludzie.
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

    JAC: Google translation:
    Great message! What a relief to know that there are still good people in this world.
    Best wishes.

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