Monday: Hili dialogue and farmyard rush hour

November 4, 2019 • 5:49 am

by Matthew Cobb

Hili has some odd culinary choices, but she is a cat after all:

Paulina: Do you like sausages with salmon?
Hili: And the ones with chicken as well, and the ones with turkey.

Paulina: Smakują ci te kiełbaski z łososiem?
Hili: Te z kurczakiem też i te z indykiem.
In Devises, the animals of Marsh Farm are all ready to come rushing out of the barn, into a glorious sunrise:

A Canada goose found its way onto a football pitch in Macclesfield, south of Manchester:

Academics – always complaining about the same thing:

Some absolutely gorgeous geology. It’s unsigned, but appears to have come from the workshop of Slartibartfast, I believe:


There are some parts of Earth where life can’t find a way. Doesn’t look good for the hypersaline water sludge that may be just beneath the surface of Mars:

Speaking of Mars:

The new BBC Natural History Unit series Seven Worlds: One Planet, narrated by David Attenborough, has got off to a flying start, although I found bits of a bit too brutal to watch (I went to do the washing up while trapped walruses tumbled and bounced off the top of a cliff). These next two tweets were the highlight of last night’s episode for me – a viper that lives in the Iranian desert which has adapted the end of its tail as a lure – it looks remarkably like a spider scuttling about, but the incredibly camouflaged snake soon puts paid to the illusion…

21 thoughts on “Monday: Hili dialogue and farmyard rush hour

    1. There is a football team with the nickname of “the Feathers” … who might want to get in on that.

  1. Sorry no time for animals on the pitch … too busy scoring goals.
    Quickest Hat-Trick in British Football
    At professional level, the quickest hat-trick in the long history of the British game was scored by the late Tommy Ross. The prolific inside-forward bagged his speedy trio of goals in his best spell, at Ross County. The three goals came in the space of just 1 minute and 30 seconds against Nairn County.

    1. I appear to remember a swarm of bees on a cricket field during an international match, not too long ago. Beats the goose.

      1. That must have been the most exciting thing that has ever happened on a cricket court .

        Don’t like sport .

        1. Isn’t bird eyesight optimised to detect movement (like the moving ‘spider’) so while the bird was homing in on the ‘spider’ it probably was relatively blind to the motionless camouflaged snake?


          1. I’m sure that’s true. Like a gentleman at a party conversing with a lady with significant cleavage. Well, not exactly…

  2. If Hili has odd culinary choices, then so do I. Chicken sausage, turkey sausage, seafood (including salmon) sausage, Mmmmm! The only difference with Hili’s sausages and mine is in the formulation.

  3. Unus ex disciples meis tradet me hodie. One of my disciples will betray me today.
    Hauntingly beautiful choir, but I didn’t know Martians abused choir boys too.

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