Caturday felid triefecta: Adventure cats, residents of Japan’s “cat island” saved before typhoon,

October 19, 2019 • 9:00 am

Today’s trifecta—the last Caturday post for a while—includes a readers’ cat section featuring moggies from two readers.

First, the CBC has a featuring on Bodhi the Adventure Cat (click on screenshot), as well as a few other traveling moggies:

While most would opt for dogs for outdoor pursuits, this Canmore resident says cats are the perfect companion for hiking, camping and other fresh-air adventures.

“You can go out for the day and take them with you on adventures, or if it’s something a little more extreme, then they don’t mind sleeping all day,” Michelle Gagnon told the Calgary Eyeopener.

She says her cat, Bodhi, goes on hikes from anywhere between two to five kilometres all across the Rocky Mountains — including Ha Ling Peak and the East End of Mount Rundle.

Not only that, but her “adventure cat” also joins her on biking trips, paddle boarding and skiing.

Here’s Bodhi (a beautiful cat!) going skiing; sound up, please:

“[Bodhi] will walk up behind me in the snow and I say, ‘load up.’ And he runs up my leg and he sits on my shoulders and that’s his safe spot for when we’re hiking or skiing,” she said.

Although her one-year-old Maine Coon cat does get surprised looks from fellow hikers, she says he isn’t the only feline on the trails.

“There are other adventure cats out there now. There’s becoming a bit of an adventure cat community,” she said.

Bodhi in the mountains:

Here are two more adventure cats (click on screenshots to go to Instagram). I wonder if these are “influencer cats”:

Gagnon says you could train any cat to be like Bodhi, and that all it takes is patience and persistence.

“So the big thing with cats is if you ask them to do something, you have to follow through, otherwise you’ll never get there,” she said.

She has since created a Facebook page filled with tips so that other cat lovers can join in on the adventures.


Perhaps you were worried about what happened to the cats on Okishima, the Japanese “Cat Island”, loaded with moggies, when the typhoon hit? Well, all is well, at least according to this article from The World of Buzz:

With the news of Hagibis typhoon — the worst storm in 60 years hitting Japan yesterday (12 October), we were worried about the cats that reside on Okishima, the famous cat island.

Fortunately, netizens updated that the cats are being relocated to a safe place for a couple of days while the storms take place! It seemed like the Japanese government had taken safety measures for the cats, and they are being looked after for the time being.

The Japanese government! What a great government!


The Cats in - WORLD OF BUZZ

Photos of the relocation progress appeared after people began sharing about the rescue. Thanks to a compilation made on this Facebook post, many netizens were able to breathe a sigh of relief seeing that the cats weren’t neglected.


Finally, we have two readers, each with two cats, who sent in photographs. The first comes from Divy Figueroa, whom we’ve met before. She and her husband have two cats, Boba and Jango. Here’s a photo of an antagonistic interaction:

I saw that Dracula kitty picture you posted earlier, and I remembered a similar picture I took of the kitties playing. I happened to get that moment when Boba pounced on Jango. And though he looks to be in scared and in pain, Jango didn’t even make a sound. We laughed for days with that picture.

And from readers Laurie and Gethyn, who adopted two feral black kittens from Feline Friends London.

Here’s Alcestis Jerry (yes, named after me!)

And Octavia Sadie:

h/t: Diana

10 thoughts on “Caturday felid triefecta: Adventure cats, residents of Japan’s “cat island” saved before typhoon,

  1. I see with satisfaction that Jules the Adventure Cat wears a bell. All outdoor cats should wear bells, giving birds a chance. For Chameleons it will not help though.

    1. In large parts of Canada, the bigger point for “belling the cat” would be for avoiding the cat from walking unannounced into reach of a bear.

  2. Yes, leave it to the Japanese to take care of the cats. I think often we use the term feral cat a bit more than is true. There are feral cats and stray cats and stray means a cat that has been abandoned by owners or gets lost. Feral cats are born in the wild and were never around people. Both of our cats are strays but one of them could possibly be called feral because he was born in the wild and his mother was likely a stray.

    1. Trump would have ceded their territory to the dogs in exchange for slobbering admiration.

      FTFY, Fixed That For You

  3. I’m glad to see the moggies on Cat Island were saved. Wildlife can have a hard time managing these storms, and lack the staff to help them. I remember a few years ago a huge storm went through the Caribbean and the birding community there was very worried about their bird populations. The bird count did go down significantly, but fortunately they are making a comeback.

  4. Fortunately, netizens updated that the cats are being relocated to a safe place for a couple of days while the storms take place!

    Cue comments about “herding cats”.

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