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October 14, 2019 • 2:30 pm

Al Blazo made a grill! Here’s his photo and the story:

Attached are a couple of pictures of me engaged in my third favorite pastime (after duck feeding and dissuading people from magical thinking): making plaster castings and creative mosaics.

This summer I decided to redo our grill station in an ancient Mesoamerican theme.  I’m standing at the back end of the grill station which features a plaster casting of Pacal, the ruler of Palenque Mexico in the 7th century.  The front of the grill station features the Temple of the Inscriptions (Pacal’s burial spot) on each end and a large Aztec calendar in the center.  Behind the calendar lies the propane tank.

  ~Al Blazo (aka Rev. El Mundo to your readers)

    1. The T-shirt reads “Religion – Together we can find the cure.”  It’s a special Dawkins creation.

27 thoughts on “Photos of readers

  1. Ooh! Cultural appropriation! I like it!

    Is there a coded message hidden in those mosaics along the bottom, or is that just a pretty pattern?

    It’s nice to have a face to go along with the Rev.’s many trenchant comments on this and other websites.

  2. There ought to be some kind of grand prize for that! Such craftmanship–so beautiful and so creative! Now, when is dinner?

  3. I took one look at that second photo and exclaimed “Holy shit!”

    Man, that is some impressive work. Do you do commissions? Asking for a friend. 😁

    Love the t-shirt as well.

  4. Looks great, Al, but here’s the real question: can it cook real, down-home, fallin’-off-the bone barbecue?

    1. No! Propane blows to high heaven. We use a large diameter Weber and Mesquite charcoal for our BBQs. IMHO, the propane grill is barely suited for quick steaks and hot dogs.

      But for fallin-off-da-bone ribs, you gotta’ have a Texas smoker. Even a Weber can’t do that.

      I’m gettin’ great reviews about the recent spade of slow cooker, auto-fed pellet Qers.

  5. That is the coolest grill I have ever seen. Oddly I don’t recognize the handle “Rev. El Mundo,” so I don’t know what thoughts Al normally shares. It doesn’t matter, the grill is exquisite. I’d love to hear why Al chose that particular 7th century Aztec ruler.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Cate. I appreciate it.

      Lord Pacal was the Mayan ruler of Palenque, Mex., now in the state of Chiapas.

      I once hosted a website in the late 90s and early 2000’s called “The Whole Valley Church of Sanity and Reason.” It’s main goal was to examine religion from the perspective of examining hopelessly crazy people. I was it’s official pastor. I ordained myself after receiving special messages to do so from voices coming from somewhere in the sky.

      El Mundo in Spanish translates to “the world.” I was a voice for sanity and reason in the face of overwhelming and growing stupidity. The moniker stuck w/ me like the Liquid Nails I use in my mosaic works!

    1. Thanks, Merilee. No, I currently reside in NE Ohio, an area of the country with little knowledge of or appreciation for the culture and history of pre-colonial period. It’s a very strange area in that respect.

      I have lived in CA for 30 years, the last six directly on the Mexican border w/ Tecate. My travels thru California, Mexico, Central and South America have enabled me to develop a deep hands-on appreciation for colonial period stone, tile and mosaic works.

      1. Rev. El Mundo,

        As an ex pat from Youngstown, Ohio residing in southeast Alabama, I am tempted to move back if only for the grill you built. That is meant as a compliment and not a statement of fact.

  6. The quality of work and the basic concept for the grill is terrific.
    My wife has been trying to get me enthused about an Aztec human sacrifice themed pool area, but it is just a concept we are batting around.
    But I really like the grill.

    1. Heck, at first I thought “grill” referred to rappers’ dentures so I didn’t know what to expect.

      Glad it’s the other kind of grill and it’s beautiful.

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