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October 1, 2019 • 2:30 pm

Send in your photos (two max): people seem to like putting faces to those who comment on the site, or even see who reads but doesn’t comment.

Today we have two photos from Michael Glenister, who is a professional magician (see details and more photos here).  His captions are short and sweet:

Holding a baby wallaby at Kangaroo Creek Farm in Kelowna
—I said I was a magician…

21 thoughts on “Photos of readers

  1. THE A M A Z I N G Mr Michael, Ladies and Gentlemen !

    And, too, what a sweet baby picture !
    How darling to be able to cuddle and fuss over !


  2. Probably that down-under magic. There are more than a couple of Michael’s around here so I will try not to mix them up. Mostly different countries.

    Say, did Trump talk to the Australian prime minister…oh, never mind.

  3. I don’t know about magic tricks and how they work but is that some sort of support over the shoulder, and in my mind I can even see a hook… 😁👉

    1. Right off the bat, I can think of at least four ways this could be done other than the common ways of doing the levitation, one of which requires precise timing of the photo, and another that would not be suitable live.

      And I would not bet much that any of these are correct. There are so many ways to do levitation, and I only know a few.

  4. No, there was no photoshop used.

    I’m a part-time magician, and my day job is a high school science/math teacher in the Vancouver area.

    If you do visit Kelowna, British Columbia, I highly recommend visiting Kangaroo Creek Farm. I had to travel all the way to Australia to stroke my first kangaroo, while my kids just had to do a 4 hour road trip from Vancouver. They also have emus, capybara, sugar gliders, exotic birds, and reptiles.

  5. It’s great that everyone sees a glass that is magically suspended in mid-air, even though it is a snapshot!

  6. During the second world war a liner was crossing the Atlantic and the entertainment for the passengers included a conjurer. On the first night of the voyage he went on stage and performed his first trick and as he completed the illusion with a dramatic flourish a parrot that was sat on a perch at the side of the stage loudly called out “It’s up his sleeve!”. The conjurer was a little taken aback but continued onto his next trick but again the climax of the trick was spoiled by the parrot shouting out “she was hidden beneath the table!”
    This went on throughout the act and the conjurer was getting increasingly annoyed and frustrated as each trick was ruined by the obnoxious bird. To try and regain control of things and shut the bird up he decided to perform his most spectacular and amazing trick and went through the elaborate build up using all his experience and stage-craft to build up the tension to the maximum. Finally he uttered the words “abracadabra” and at that very moment the ship was struck by a torpedo from a German submarine.
    The ship went down and as chance would have it the conjurer and the parrot found themselves clinging to the same bit of wreckage. After three days of glaring silently at the conjurer the parrot finally spoke: “Alright, I give up! What have you done with the bloody ship?”

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