Readers’ wildlife photos

September 6, 2019 • 7:45 am

Stephen Barnard has been busy fishing, but he favors us today with a new batch of photos from Idaho. His captions are indented.

The first four are rufous hummingbirds (Selasphorus rufus). They migrate through in August and put on quite a show at the feeders. They’re gone now.

Next is a moose (Alces alces) across the creek in early morning sun. I see this young bull frequently. He’s almost tame.

Next, a rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) that I’m releasing.

Next, a woolly worm caterpillar on the handle of my fishing net. It surprised me. Beautiful creature up close — slow, exploratory, undulating motions. I don’t know anything about these other than what you can find on google. Apparently there are several species.


Next, a grasshopper on Loving Creek, taken while fishing. I’m in the habit of photographing insects that fish eat. Now they’re eating a lot of these. Again, I don’t know anything about these other what you can find on Google.

My d*g Deets has something of a following in WEIT. Here he’s recovering from hernia surgery, which was very successful, although manual, not robotic. I think the new style fabric cones in royal blue are fashionable.

Finally, just before sunrise over Loving Creek this morning. [This was yesterday.]

18 thoughts on “Readers’ wildlife photos

  1. Really wonderful photos.
    I am one of the big fans of Deets and glad to see him. Good to hear he had a successful surgery.
    Thank you for the post.

    1. It was a perineal hernia, which I’ve learned is common in intact male dogs. As part of the operation he was neutered (standard procedure). After three weeks I can tell he’s more sweet-natured and affectionate. 🙂

  2. Fan-tastic. Wooly bear caterpillars are from the ‘tiger moth’ family, Arctiidae. Larvae from that family are generally fuzzy, so other species of ‘fuzzy cats’ are often in this family. Tiger moths often have some bright warning colors. Here is the adult of this species:
    The grasshopper looks to be the pine tree spur throat grasshopper. This is one of several species that frequently sit up in trees. A ‘tree grasshopper’, if you will.

  3. Deets!! Sorry to hear about his troubles. The new cones make animals look even more like gramophone.

    Great pix, too. I think this is the first time that I’ve seen a hummingbird’s feet (so teeny).

  4. Beautiful photos as always. I also like the blue doggy-cone. Those white ones always look like a satellite dish to me. I always worry the dogs might be picking up Fox News or something.

  5. Wonderful shots of the hummers. They are a truly wonderful group of birds. I’m depressed when the migrate away in the fall.
    I wonder if the trout have any problem with the injury caused by the fish hook? They probably heal pretty fast.

    1. I’m releasing the trout after catching it on a fly. I think fish tickling is a thing, but maybe more for catfish.

  6. A single hummingbird shot is hard enough but your double shot of the second one coming in is spectacular. Mine all dogfight over the feeder.

    Beautiful photography!

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