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August 28, 2019 • 2:30 pm

Reader Amy Tovar sent a clever “self-portrait” taken at a place I recently visited.

Attached is my “portrait” for you. I hate having my picture taken as much as I hate the sound of my own voice. Anyhoo, this was taken at Volcano House in Hawai’i. I jumped in front of the seismograph and it took this “portrait” of me.

Yep, those three lines in the middle extending to the right are her.

15 thoughts on “Photos of readers

  1. Oh how fun and distinguishing! I love it when the detectors we work with recognize that we are part of the universe too.

    In the quantum world there is an habitual collapsing of wave functions due to our observations. We are never apart, fully, from what we do.

  2. Excellent inspiration! I hate having my photo taken too, so this makes me like you without even knowing you.

    I’m now looking forward to people who try to top your idea, but you will always be the one who started the trend!

  3. Congratulations to Amy for being an integral, albeit small, part of WEIT!

    Slightly off topic, are there plans to archive WEIT in perpetuity?

    Long live Jerry! But father time is undefeated.

    For selfish reasons I’d like to see this website survive Dr. Coyne. I’m 20 years his junior and he’s a prolific writer, I’m hoping to tap this resource for decades. Also, I plan on introducing my 15 YO niece (already an atheist) to this website soon.

    Dang it, this website has historical relevance!

    1. Also, I plan on introducing my 15 YO niece (already an atheist) to this website soon.

      No reason not to today.
      Archival of the site? Well, there’s probably a WordPress option.
      Archive.Org has a snapshot of Jerry’s U.Chicago page, but not this site as far as I can tell. I would guess you have to use tools within WordPress itself. My little blog (on Google’s Blogger) dumps the content into an XML file of a half-meg, but I have to store the images myself, which is going to be a lot more. The image names I uploaded are in the XML, so I should be able to re-upload them from my local storage.

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