Some comments have been “moderated” due to a screwup

July 24, 2019 • 9:00 am

Last weekend I noticed that first-time comments on this website were not appearing in my email. As you may know, when someone comments here for the first time, and I approve that comment, all further comments using the same name and email address will go through without moderation. (This is a tactic designed to prevent disruptive people from infesting the website.) WordPress always informs me by email when someone tries to comment for the first time.

That stopped last weekend, but I noticed it only by seeing a large number number of “comments awaiting approval” on my website’s dashboard. Yesterday I got it fixed after a long session with the University of Chicago IT people. It appears to have been some screwup on the email filters here rather than a WordPress problem. I now get every email that I used to from WordPress.

But since then I’ve had to approve comments by longstanding and regular commenters, as if they were suddenly seen as first-time commenters (this didn’t happen to everyone). Because I haven’t seen this happen again after a commenter was approved, the issue may have been fixed. However, if you make a comment, and haven’t for a while, and you used to comment freely, your newest comment may suddenly appear as “moderated, awaiting approval.”

This is to let you know that if this is the case, you’re not being moderated but it’s a holdover from the IT problem. I will approve all comments of people who used to comment freely, and that should be the end of that. BUT, if your comments continue to be moderated after first-time approval, let me know immediately.

22 thoughts on “Some comments have been “moderated” due to a screwup

  1. My comments have all been being moderated for some time, but I assumed this was because I was considered dangerous. How disappointing if it’s just a technical glitch! 😊

  2. I would say yesterday I was. Seemed to take about 15 minutes for a comment to appear. I thought perhaps I had forgotten to submit and did a redo. That is when I say the first one show up.

    1. I’ve always assumed that something like that was one of the reasons for the (not uncommon) double posts. The contents of the “comments” box seem to be of uncertain persistence in WP’s Java* scripting, and there was a timer in there which didn’t always get re-set.

  3. Mine appear too. I also find that if I switch machines, the “your comment is awaiting moderation” message reappears too. I’ve always put it down to some flags of the WP status & cookies getting synchronised, and others disappearing into the æether.

  4. After I write a comment and lick on Reply, I get a box from WordPress, which insists on me entering my email address AND my password.
    Then with luck my reply gets posted. This is very annoying. Why is this happening? Does it happen with other people? How can I stop it?

    1. For me, this is device dependent; from my phone, I have to log in every time, and then can comment as long as I am logged in. Upon leaving Chrome, it logs out and goes back to requiring sign in. On my computer, I am usually logged in and thus do not have to do so again.

  5. Hmm.

    I seem to have a similar related problem.

    In my case, although I always tick the ‘notify me of new comments’ and ‘notify me of new posts’ boxes, for months I haven’t been getting any emails to notify me of replies to my comments. And for the last week I haven’t been getting any emails notifying me of new posts.

    I doubt it’s the ISP’s spam filter, since I still get hundreds of spam emails (many of them marked [spam] in the headers).

    I don’t know what’s going on.


      1. Whereas that second brief comment took a looong time to appear on the page – I gave up waiting for it.

        I have no idea why.


  6. Are you sure that your email is not the same? I sent some emails some time ago about some sex-chromosomes related stuff and not only, but, to this day, not sure you saw them. Or maybe I have the wrong email address…

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