Please donate to save Frank the Kitten’s life

July 2, 2019 • 8:00 am

Yesterday I appealed to readers to donate just one or a few pounds to save the life of a kitten, Frank, who needs an operation that will almost certainly save his life. If you can spare as little as one pound to give to Feline Friends London (FFL), please read the post and dig down a bit. His owners lost their jobs, and can’t afford the money, but they love him very much and so went to FFL for help.

Here’s Frank:

Please save my life!

You can donate here (and you can specify that the funds go to Frank’s medical care). We have about 300 of the 1000 pounds needed, and I appeal to you once again.

Many thanks!

16 thoughts on “Please donate to save Frank the Kitten’s life

  1. I kicked in a few pounds but the cat charity website didn’t make it easy and seemed to assume all followers of the WEIT web/blog are from the USA, though I’m living in Scotland

    Hope Frank gets funded and gets better even though I’m really more of a d*g person!

    1. Right after you fill out the payment information the next step lets you specify what the donation is for. If you missed that you can go to FFL’s main website and click on contact, you can send them a message and tell them what the donation was for.

  2. Your contribution of £10.00 to Adopt a cat or foster a cat in London – Feline Friends London has been confirmed.

    Thank you Jerry for the books & website. Good luck to Frank.

  3. Donated 10 pounds. This sweet little guy reminds me SO much of my dearly departed boy Beckham.

  4. I tried to give money to help Frank the Kitten, but the form to fill out only takes pounds, not dollars.

    How can I help?

    1. Just go ahead and make a donation in pounds. Your credit card company will adjust the transaction accordingly. One UK pound is now about $1.25. If you have a credit card with no foreign transaction fees, that would be great, but don’t worry, as Frank is worth a small surcharge.

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