Free will at last?

June 24, 2019 • 2:30 pm

Well, not the kind you’re thinking about. Here’s a picture taken by reader Rory with the attached note,

The advertisement in the attached photo was spotted hanging on the wall of a lawyer’s office in Dublin, Ireland. I immediately thought of you – I’m sure you’ll appreciate an opportunity to obtain free will for a bargain price!

The question is whether you have to mortgage your soul to get it.

19 thoughts on “Free will at last?

  1. Our financial planning practice offers the drafting of wills free of charge as part of the financial planning process. So yeah, the evidence supports the notion of free will. Tee, hee!

  2. One might ask if you get free will with your mortgage purchase, shouldn’t you already have free will in order to legally make the mortgage purchase?

  3. I have obtained many mortgages in my time but never went to a lawyer for it. Maybe things are quite different in Ireland.

  4. I will pick up two, just in case I lose one. Having a spare free will seems like a good idea to me.

  5. An association just popped up in my head so I’d like to pose the following question to our host and most (I think) readers: how is ‘free’ different associated with ‘speech’ as opposed to ‘will’? I don’t see how we can ‘free speech’ but not ‘free will’, the connotation of ‘free’ is exactly the same in both.

    1. Same connotation, but when you apply an adjective in different contexts its meaning may change slightly.

      This is why ‘free speech’ does not mean exactly the same as ‘free will’. ‘Free speech’ usually means that the ruling regime does not restrict what individuals say. ‘Free will’ (in the meaning usually ascribed to it on this site) means your thoughts or actions are not absolutely predetermined by prior physical influences.

      If ‘free will’ exists then all humans have it, whether they live in an open society or North Korea. They may not have so many opportunities to express it in some places, but that’s not germane to the meaning.

      One could easily have free speech but no free will, or vice versa.


  6. Shortly after the mortgage you may realize that there is a reason it said free. Physics of foundation cracks and water finding ways in will ground you to reality.

  7. That dual meaning of ‘free’ is something the Free Software movement is always having to explain. ‘Free as in speech, not free as in beer’.

    In the software sense it means you get the source code and you are free to pass it on, use it or alter it in any way you like. This is quite irrespective of whether you paid for it or make a charge for passing it on.

    Many people accustomed to ‘intellectual property’ just can’t get their head around that.


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