A visit with Titania McGrath (Andrew Doyle)

June 23, 2019 • 2:00 pm

Most of us have enjoyed the spoofs of “woke” culture by Titania McGrath, who has not only 289,000 followers on Twitter, but a book, Woke: A Guide to Social Justice.

Here Peter Whittle interviews the person who created and is channeled through Titania, comedian Andrew Doyle, who writes for Spiked and previously wrote for “Jonathan Pie.”

Doyle analyzes the ideology behind the Titania phenomenon (noting that many people still think she’s a real person), and discusses some of her classic gems, like “If you only have sex with people you find attractive, you must ask yourself why you’re such a superficial bigot.”

27 thoughts on “A visit with Titania McGrath (Andrew Doyle)

  1. Titania is still able to reel in the gullible on Twitter. The interchanges between him/her/they/zhou and the perpetually outraged is the gift that keeps on giving.

  2. I recently heard on the radio someone say “stay woke”. Stay woke? Is that the new “stay cool” or something? I sure hope that saying doesn’t stick. Blech

      1. It’s especially unfair to narcoleptics. They’re not capable of staying “woke.” They’re literally being excluded and discriminated against by the woke. It’s literally violence.

        1. I’m also woke to animal rights. They have rights, dammit. Being woke is an affront to hibernating mammals across the globe. How many more species need be woke to be recognized? Seems in the winter, their solicitor is in absentia. #nonwokewintermammals.

          1. Ho. Ly. SHIT. I never even thought of that. This idea of being “woke” is so humanalist. None of these people have considered hibernating animals.

            Someone needs to immediately write a paper on “Integrating Intersectionality and Animal Rights for Hibernating Species via Derridaist Dialectics.”

            1. YES…them too!!! I’m outraged! (I actually didn’t know that was a thing, so thanks for the learnings.)

  3. I laugh at the fact that a lot of the #NewRacists don’t like Titania, but they love all those parody accounts with members of the IDW in their name (such as “Scam Harris”, “Rave Dubin”, “ClassicalLibr3al”, etc.).

    Bunch of muppets. The fact that the Indepdent (UK), New Statesman, and Guardian diss on Titania tells you everything.

  4. This was a surprisingly well-done interview. The interviewer did an excellent job of asking neutral questions that pried relevant and interesting answers from his subject.

  5. Thank you. I so enjoyed that interview. You’ll remember Andrew Doyle spoke well of the northern British comedian Victoria Wood. Find her on Youtube and laugh your head off. Please.

  6. I frankly wish he hadn’t been outed.
    It was better having it a mystery, also allowing even more people to take the character seriously 😉

  7. I once had a discussion about racism with someone. I pointed out that racism is treating someone differently based on their race. However I pointed out that, in my view, some forms of racism are effectively harmless. My example was that I am not attracted to certain ethnic groups, so I would not consider dating them. By definition that is racist, but I don’t think anyone suffers for not being able to date me. It was funny to hear the segment in the interview about the ‘sex…superficial bigot’ part, that there are actually people who would disagree with me. Sorry, they’ll have to continue to suffer.

    1. That depends of course on the definition of racism, which is notoriously elusive. Or rather, it tends to be defined to suit the viewpoint of the person making the argument.

      Is it being racist, for example, to say that ‘nobody who isn’t Mexican is allowed to wear a sombrero’?**

      To be a little bit more serious, I think personal preferences should be exempt from judgement. They are, by definition, personal. So long as they aren’t imposed on anybody else.

      (** I don’t think that’s being racist, myself, just a precious twat).

      1. The “superficial bigot” argument isn’t farfetched.

        I’ve seen discussions online about “transgender lesbians.” These are people born with penises, who have not transitioned to female and don’t intend to, but consider themselves women. They want to have penis-in-vagina sex with cis-gendered women. Any lesbian who wouldn’t consider having sex with a woman with a penis is a TERF bigot.

        1. Well either they’re mentally defective or they must think everybody else is. Anybody with a dick cannot be a lesbian.

          But anyway, that utterly fails the ‘personal preferences’ test since it would impose their preferences on somebody else.

          (I guess that would make me some sort of bigot since I wouldn’t consider having sex with a ‘woman’ (ha bloody ha) with a dick either).


  8. That was a good interview, especially the bit at the end mentioning the push to force the belief that ‘only X should write about X’ (eg only someone who has committed murder should write about it…)

    But he’s not the first to take on the ‘Woke’ aka ‘Immature Adults’… I found this video a while ago and have not been able to resist laughing every time I watch it.


    Pay very close attention to the end…

    1. Yes, that was brilliant. And it very nicely satirises the Catch-22 ‘can’t win, can’t break even, can’t even quit the game’ flavour of any ‘discussion’ with the politically correct.


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