Tuesday: Duckling report

June 11, 2019 • 1:30 pm

It’s time to show you the new ducklings who hatched last week. They’re about a week old now, and are starting to grow, though they’re tiny compared to the behemoth teenage mallards born in early May. And both broods seem to be cohabiting well in the pond. These pictures were all taken four days ago.

First, just to remind you about the size of the “old” brood, mothered by Katie and fathered (presumably) by Gregory. Here they are foraging amidst the lily pads

. . . and the new Brood of Eight (four are shown here), with mother Anna Mallard:

And proof that there are eight:

I can never get enough duckling photos. Here’s the cutest so far:


And let’s not forget Gregory, who isn’t around much these days:

8 thoughts on “Tuesday: Duckling report

  1. They are a fine flock. Very nice images.

    Your efforts are an example of humanity at its best interacting with the natural world. Good fortune to all the human and duck characters you have shared with us.

  2. I’m really enjoying seeing these. I was recently in Peoria, IL where the local museum had an exhibit on antique wooden duck hunting decoys, a folk craft that seems quite popular among collectors. But, it really showed how things have changed — the Illinois River basin was a vast wetland, full of ducks that supported a hunting culture that lasted decades. Now, you hardly see any waterfowl along the river. Even though Mallards aren’t threatened, I support any effort to raise the overall duck population (indeed, all birds) in the U.S.

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