Spot the frogs!

May 26, 2019 • 9:00 am

Reader Peter took this photo today, and it contains frogs. Can you find at least two? (I’ve seen two but no more.)

Be sure to enlarge the photo for your hunt. I’ll post the reveal at noon Chicago time.  I’d call this one pretty difficult. If you saw them, let us know in the comments, but please don’t say where they are.

Peter’s notes:

Whenever I’m traveling and see hard-to-find wildlife I think of you. There are at least two frogs (or toads) in this picture that I took in Nara, Japan today.

8 thoughts on “Spot the frogs!

  1. One for sure. And now there are eyes all over the place plus the naked toes of a drowned(?) person.

  2. Yes I’d rate this one “easy”, but I’m not 100% sure the one in the foreground actually is a frog.

    The difference between frogs and toads makes sense in Europe, where toads are the Bufo type and frogs the Rana type. Toads have a bumpy, dryish skin and lay their eggs in chains, while frogs are smooth and lay their eggs in a cluster. Is that the same in North America?
    Once out of Europe (and North America?) there is no clear distinction, since there is so much more variation. Also in their ways of laying eggs. loose or in their backs, you name it.

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