8 thoughts on “Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Perdition

  1. Salvific. I had to check myself on that one. It would be interesting to see apologists of the major religions and their spin-offs do “data-derived” assessments of their respective brands’ Salvificity Ratings. I’ll take a stab at one: ” This week, the Jehovah’s Witless Salvificity Rating is 144,000/9,754,477,382!

      1. It’s simple.

        The numerator is the number of true believers allowed into heaven (the various bibles clearly state this number) and the denominator is an estimate of the number of people who have ever lived since the alleged magical Jesus character is claimed to have first existed.*

        *I’m guessing somewhat on the second number since it is greater than the number of people living today but appears smaller than the number who have ever lived.

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