79 thoughts on “Did Trump go off his meds?

  1. He’s just having a narcissistic rage. This president is unhinges. I wish he would be removed from office beside he does anymore damage to the US & the world.

    1. Oops. That’s what I get for calling someone unhinges. I have my glasses in too. However, stupid autocorrect tends to change the word after you’ve typed it correctly.

      1. Autocorrect Gawds are extremely extra busy today because tomorrow is jeebus’actual, genuine, historically verified Birthday. A little bit of pious understanding and patience with autocorrect will be rewarded soon and in The Aftermath👷.

  2. Does the tw**t about Saudi Arabia mean that Saudi Prince MbS has arranged with Trump to invade Syria in the near future? A deal between Riyadh and Damascus to rebuild Syria seems unlikely to say the least.

  3. Since much of ISIS is just a branch of Saudi, you know that’s going to happen. By the way, his earlier tweet jumping on his new temp. attorney general is just more obstruction of justice. When he is talking to his justice department about the investigation into him, that is pretty much obstruction. Trump’s twitters will likely be a few pages of Mueller’s report. I think the lawyers call it intent and evidence.

    One X general already speculated the pull out of Syria was a deal with Turkey. Said there was no other reason that makes sense.

  4. It’s beginning to look a lot like…CHAOS!

    (L.A. Times headline this morning.)

    I love the last tweet in all CAPS. He must be referring to Russia or Saudi Arabia; authoritarian countries are the only ones that matter to him.

    He can’t even get correct the distance between Saudi Arabia and the US. Try 7,500, not 5,000…I did a 5 second google. Talk about a dim, incurious boob.

    The only thing consistent about trump’s tweets is you can interpret them by simply reading the exact opposite into what he writes. I don’t think he has the ability to tell the truth…truth is his kryptonite.

  5. When he’s at his rallies, Trump often talks in this disjointed stream-of-consciousness way, and says the same sort of things. He does it all the time — unless he’s carefully coached.

    That sort of “I’m in a room with adoring sycophants” attitude appears to be either the only one he knows — or the only one he cares about. The hard-core supporters think it means he’s talking their language on their level. With everyone else, it’s wearing thin or never looked good in the first place.

    1. Trump claims, without evidence, that he is “extremely happy”

      Quote: “That’s always been the paradox of Trump and people like him for me. Imagine being that unfathomably wealthy, married to the imported model of your choice, your name on skyscrapers, literally able to do anything you want to with the last few decades of your life, and still being a bottomless maw of misery that no amount of attention or wealth or power can satiate.”

      Dr. Nobel

  6. No, this is not a medication problem. This is just a narcissistic toddler’s behavior. It is made up of 90% bullshit and lies which is par for the course of everything he spews.

    When the law catches up with him and he has to pay the price for decades long abusive behavior, then he will fall apart and need institutionalization and medication.

      1. Problem is, the generals who served as the “adults in the room” with Trump — McMaster, Kelly, and Mattis — are now all gone. No one has the de jure authority to countermand a presidential order to launch a military strike. But those gentlemen, I’m pretty sure, had had plan concerning how to forestall an ill-advised military strike were Trump to go off the deep end.

        It’s a measure of the peril the US is in now that the nation’s last best hope might’ve been what essentially amounted to a military coup.

        1. Indeed, but even then I think we were kidding ourselves that Trump would listen to anyone. It’s disturbing that there are zero checks on a president launching a first strike nuclear volley.

  7. I wonder what meds could he be on or off of. Do they actually have something for what he has, like a totally nuts pill? He made a couple of remarks again about the fed and the stock market dropped another 650 points in half a day. Should soon see some tweets about how stupid this stock market is getting.

    1. The Dow is just one example of Trumpian “logic” – if things go well, take all of the credit, if things go poorly, blame everyone else in sight. I suppose that’s what he POSPOTUS means by stable genius.

          1. Probably equines will be the only beings willing to serve under Trump and then only because he bribes them with oats and they can kick him whenever they want.

    2. He could use some medication to reduce brain activity. They use similar drugs for panic attacks, seizures and anxiety. That would also help him get some sleep so he is not up all night texting and ranting.

  8. He is unhinged. He creates his own “reality,” so becomes increasingly divorced from actual reality. And he’s been disconnected from any sense of morality from the git-go. I’m horrified by the number of people who still support this disastrous presidency.

  9. Trump’s so-called Secretary of Treasury is as clueless and dangerous as he is, perhaps even more so since he is supposed to know something about markets, economies and the danger of a slipped lip.

  10. This might not be the best time to mention the historical record on a president doing a really stupid thing against military experts judgement but I will.

    Remember a Navy Admiral James Richardson. Prior to WWII he was the Commander of all the Pacific Fleet. Pres. Roosevelt said move the fleet from San Diego & Long Beach to Pearl Harbor. Richardson said that was a bad idea and even made a couple of trips back to DC to talk about it. Said the Navy would be vulnerable to attack – not a good place to be. Admiral Richardson was removed and replaced with a guy named Kimmel.

  11. This might not be the best time to mention the historical record on a president doing a really stupid thing against military experts judgement but I will.

    Remember a Navy Admiral James Richardson. Prior to WWII he was the Commander of all the Pacific Fleet. Pres. Roosevelt said move the fleet from San Diego & Long Beach to Pearl Harbor. Richardson said that was a bad idea and even made a couple of trips back to DC to talk about it. Said the Navy would be vulnerable to attack – not a good place to be. Admiral Richardson was removed and replaced with a guy named Kimmel.

  12. I really don’t see any evidence of mental illness. He is simply a narcissistic jerk with little education or curiosity. It’s as if we went to a dive bar, grabbed the most opinionated jerk we could find, and made him President. He suddenly got to implement all the bad ideas he’s gathered over his entire lifetime of stupidity, crime, and privilege.

  13. “Saudi Arabia has now agreed to spend the money to rebuild Syria”

    Well, I hope that’s just as big a lie as all his others (“Mexico will pay for it).

    Because, if true, it’s alarming, given SA’s links with the obscene ISIS. We do not want the latter to be revived.

    The best scenario in all this is probably the hope that Russia will do it to bolster its influence, simply because Russia has every reason to oppose ISIS (given Russia’s long-term problems with Islamic forces on their southern borders). Yes, that’s right, I suggested Russia as the most potentially trustworthy actor in the whole mess, just based on their self-interest.

    (Once upon a time, I suppose, one might have suggested the US, but given the current leadership any consideration of enlightened or rational self-interest is probably futile).


    1. Turkey will probably launch all it’s military might against the YPG (the Kurds that defeated ISIS), possibly unleashing a genocide.
      With the YPG gone, what is stopping ISIS from regrouping and restoring the Caliphate to it’s 2015 ‘glory’?

      1. “With the YPG gone, what is stopping ISIS from regrouping and restoring the Caliphate to it’s 2015 ‘glory’?”

        Assad / Russia?

        Yeah, I know, hardly inspiring prospect of the week.


  14. “I am all alone … RESPECTED AGAIN!”

    An education lost – the man raised as a grifter cannot keep his lies consistent.

  15. Trump always needs to blame someone else when things go wrong. Hence, he blames the Federal Reserve for the crashing stock market. The fact that he has alienated almost the entire democratic world plays no role. If the economy goes into recession, he will once again blame the Fed or someone else. If a recession occurs, the result may be that enough of his diehard supporters will desert him to virtually assure his defeat in 2020. At least I hope so. That may be the only good thing to come out of bad economic news.

    1. I believe, once the democrats take over in the house, they will simply put forth a bill to open and approve the budget. The Senate will then vote for that and it will be up to the insane one in the white house to sign. The idea being that by then, he will have to cave in. If not, it goes on.

      1. It wouldn’t surprise me that if Trump holds out long enough, the GOP and Dems will together pass a veto-proof CR.

        What I want to know is wtf is “shutdown money?” Does Trump think the shut down will somehow magically generate revenue? It pretty much does the reverse, because of the costs associated with business disruption.

        1. I suspect by “shutdown money” he means the amount Trump and Dems will eventually agree upon to fund “border security” and which will end the shutdown. Of course, Trump would like to pretend it is purely about money and not how it is spent. On the other hand, Dems say they’ll not go with any border security deal that doesn’t specify how the money is to be spent (ie, no money for Trump’s wall).

        2. I thought he meant the cost of the shutdown. I am not sure of the details, but likely shutting down and then re-openning offices is an added expense, and his argument is that it will cost more than the damn wall would cost. He might be right on that.

      2. The idea being that by then, he will have to cave in.

        You missed the bit where Trump claims the revised budget to actually be his own idea. He’ll have to get that into the Twitter record before he’ll be able to delude himself to think that he’s still being successful.

    1. Not really. I think they were thinking about heart attacks, strokes, and other physical incapacities. The problem with mental illness is that it is indistinguishable from the “disease” of having really bad ideas. We already have a mechanism for dealing with Presidents that have really bad ideas: we vote them out of office. Trump demonstrated really bad ideas well before the 2016 election but, unfortunately, many evidently missed the diagnosis.

      1. I agree with you on the original intent of the bill, but it could be used for any number of things not considered at the time. Mental illness and dementia being two. Aberrant behavior being another.

        1. Maybe but I still think it would have to be incapacitating mental illness. If he suddenly started speaking gibberish, then we’d have a case. He is a bad speller and no speech writer but, so far, no gibberish. Instead, he expresses his bad ideas clearly. He lies a lot but it seems pretty clear what he means and why he is lying. He makes decisions that are at odds with accepted facts but we pretty much know his objectives.

          For example, he seems to want to dismantle all laws that protect the environment. That might seem insane but I suspect he has talked to money-grubbing CEOs like himself for decades rant about how those damn environmentalists and their laws were hurting their companies and the economy. It never occurred to him, or simply doesn’t matter, that they present only one side of the argument. They’re his buddies and they think like he does.

              1. When he says on television, in front of everyone, I will shut the govt. down, I will take the blame, it’s on me. Then a few days later says it’s on the democrats. Yes, it’s lying too but gibberish. When he tweets out foreign policy and other commands without telling anyone, even his staff. When he agrees to a bill and says he’ll sign it then gets a call from one of his right wing nuts and refuses and shuts down the govt. instead. That tweet he sent out about the fed was pure gibberish. Continuously says no obstruction of justice when that is all he does. Half or more of the critical positions in the executive branch are not even filled. Some departments of government are nearly broken. When asked who does he go to for advice – his answer is mostly himself. What did he say about ISIS – I know more than any of the generals. This guy is a walking definition of gibberish.

              2. That’s not gibberish. He just lies to fit the story he wants to tell. He doesn’t care that much that story A is inconsistent with story B. Not caring is not really a mental defect. I am not defending Trump. All those things you mention are evidence that he’s not qualified to be President. However, that’s just politics.

      2. “many evidently missed the diagnosis.”

        Even worse, many *admired* that diagnosis and still approve of that direction. You simply can’t reason with the unreasonable.

    1. He probably started off with a bunch off bad DNA. After he was born add some bad early abuse and neglect. That results in an overactive reaction to threats and perceiving ordinary behavior as threatening behavior.
      That is generally the source of behavior like his, generally called antisocial or narcisstic behavior.

      1. His grandfather and father may have been Neo-Nazi scum but they were hard working and smart enough to cheat many people, even the federal government, out of millions.

        This idiot has lost it all and now is in debt to the tune of $1.8 billion.

    2. Diagnosis? From a distance it must remain tentative.
      Narcissistic personality disorder, verging on megalomania. Early Alzheimer’s is difficult to diagnose with such a pre-existing condition.
      Moreover, if we think of him as a Russian agent, much of his foreign policies appear to make sense.

  16. This is the president of America, tweeting like a stalker ex. about being ‘all alone’. It’s creepy. Next thing his tweets’ll be COMING FROM IN THE HOUSE.

  17. Revealing that by far the most ‘liked’ and frequently retweeterized post was the one saying nothing other than claiming to be RESPECTED again. His fans aren’t big on content.

  18. Several days ago, there was some speculation on this site about senile dementia as the source of Trump’s increasing volatility. A good diagnosis. I predict he will display increasingly wild swings between startling caprices and moments of seeming rationality. When there is an executive order for everyone to wear their underwear on the outside, that will be time to bring up the 25th amendment.

    1. Trump wasn’t always so linguistically challenged. What could explain the change?

      Research has shown that changes in speaking style can result from cognitive decline. STAT therefore asked experts in neurolinguistics and cognitive assessment, as well as psychologists and psychiatrists, to compare Trump’s speech from decades ago to that in 2017; they all agreed there had been a deterioration, and some said it could reflect changes in the health of Trump’s brain.


      1. While some decline in his abilities is natural at his age, I think what we are seeing is a difference in comfort level. In Trump’s interviews in the past, the subject matter was always in his comfort zone. Mostly it was about him and his lifestyle. Even now, I doubt he would stumble much linguistically with that subject matter. However, if you interview him about Middle Eastern policy or the Mueller investigation, its a different thing entirely.

  19. This is as good as it gets for Trump, and — with the Democrats’ taking over the House next week, and Mueller’s initial report reportedly due in February — it’s never gonna get this good for Trump again.

    Trump is a poor man’s idea of a rich man, a stupid man’s idea of a smart guy, and sniveling little prep-school boy’s idea of a New York street tough. He’s melting before our eyes in the searing heat of the national klieg lights.

  20. The Embarrassment in Chief has always been a raging, paranoid, narcissistic, juvenile buffoon, but the strain of constant scrutiny is making him much worse with each passing day. He’s guilty as hell. He and everyone knows it. A vaguely remembered phrase from Shakespear came to my mind, so I looked it up. It’s in Hamlet. “So full of artless jealousy is guilt, it spills itself in fearing to be spilt.” It’s time for every person with even a smidgen of common sense to recognize that Trump shouldn’t be within a thousand miles of The White House. His MAGA-moron supporters are willfully ignorant and in the minority. They’re lost in delusion. But,the majority of Americans have to push this nut-bag out of office.

    Think he’s bad now? Wait until Robert Mueller comes out with his report exposing to the world all of his crimes and starts laying down indictments on numerous Trump minions,including Donny Jr..

    It’s gonna be a scary, roller coaster ride, but I’m ready to see that Tangerine clown “President” expunged like Nixon was.

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