Reader’s bird feeder attacked by parkouring squirrel

November 18, 2018 • 2:45 pm

Reader Lee Eberly from Iowa City sent a video of a most enterprising squirrel. His notes:

Gotta love ’em!  Had not anticipated that when I installed the handrail. Sorry about the quality.  Shot with iphone through plastic and window.

The video, posted on Susan Eberly’s YouTube feed, came with this description:

Did you know that squirrels will try over and over to reach your bird feeders? Not just one, not just tens of tries, but hundreds. And, like our favorite gray marauder, eventually they succeed. PS – Yes, “squirrelly” does have two rrs, and two lls (I looked it up).

10 thoughts on “Reader’s bird feeder attacked by parkouring squirrel

      1. As a sport discipline parkour is spelled with k in French too (otherwise it would be parcours with a final s). At least in Europe. I do not know about Québec, where they tend to be more purist.

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