A passionate argument by Van Jones for free speech on campus

November 18, 2018 • 1:30 pm

In this clip from the University of Chicago’s continuing Institute of Politics (IOP) discussions, CNN commenter Van Jones gives one of the best and most stirring arguments for free speech on college campuses that I’ve seen. Really stirring, especially for an extemporaneous answer to a question.  My favorite bit is this:

“My parents, and Monica Elizabeth Peek’s parents, marched; they dealt with fire hoses; they dealt with dogs; they dealt with beatings. You can’t deal with a mean tweet?”

Here’s the IOP description:

Clip from an event at the Institute of Politics with CNN commentators S.E. Cupp and Van Jones in conversation with IOP Director David Axelrod on the current state of politics in America. This event was part of “America in the Trump Era,” the IOP’s look at the changes – cultural, policy, media and otherwise – coming under a Trump administration.

This should be mandatory viewing for every college student in America!

h/t: Luana

25 thoughts on “A passionate argument by Van Jones for free speech on campus

    1. I like David Axelrod a lot, too. He’s one of the most astute political analysts around. And both he and Van Jones, while both are plainly left of center, regularly engage seriously and respectfully with people from across the political spectrum.

      We could use more like them.

      1. And, hell, let me not leave out the third person on that stage, S.E. Cupp. She’s a conservative, so, perforce, I disagree with her on most thing. But she’s a never-Trumper, and she’s reasonably reasonable on some topics (especially since she got her gig on CNN), and we need to make common cause with such folks for the good of our nation.

  1. Wow that is absolutely terrific. I’m forwarding this immediately to my son in University! (I’ve basically given this same message to my son, but of course without such force and eloquence).

  2. “I’m not going to take all the weights out of the gym. That’s the whole point of the gym!”

    Brilliant. His whole statement is brilliant.

    1. In addition to liking everything else he says in this clip, I also appreciate him noting that he gets to say these things without repercussions from the usual crowd because people like him and see him as a useful voice. If what he said here was said by Ben Shapiro…well, we already know what happens when that’s the case.

      1. Ben Shapiro’s spouted his fair share of bad-faith bullshit over the years to earn people’s enmity.

        Plus, I haven’t cared much for anything he’s been in since playing Damien in The Omen. 🙂

        1. Well, that wasn’t really the point I was making. And I can’t reciprocate on your joke because I can’t think of another actor who looks like him.

              1. I’d still take Ben Shapiro over Donald Trump — hell, I’d take Damien himself over the Donald.

  3. “You are creating a kind of liberalism that the minute it crosses the street into the real world is not just useless, but obnoxious and dangerous.”

  4. – – – I want you to be deeply offended.
    And then learn how to speak back.- – –

    When my kids began to walk and ride a bike, I wanted them to fall at least twice. If not, how would they learn to keep balance the rest of the time?

    What a pleasure to hear such wise advice at this level!

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