It’s always the Jews’ fault

July 29, 2018 • 2:15 pm

I’m sick unto death of comments like this. This person, and I’ll withhold the expletives here, thinks it’s the Jews’ fault that they’re the victims of anti-Semitism around the world. Since when has it been okay to commit crimes or harass a group because of what some other members of that group are purported to do? It’s as if it’s okay to commit hate crimes against Muslims because of what ISIS does.

I’m sorry, but I can’t think of this person as anything but an anti-Semite, ready to say that because of Israel, Jews around the world deserve what befalls them.

I’m too weary to deal with this, so I’ll throw it to the readers. Right now I have ducks to feed: a genuinely pleasurable experience.

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    1. david irving thicks so .There is footage of him in Austria speaking to a crowd of nazis ,he asks why is it that the Jews have been hated for thousands of years .

  1. Israel is surrounded by terrorists. That’s where brutality and racism exists. Islamic teachings are the cause in my opinion.

    1. Yes, it took a few days and it was well after the original articles when summaries of the last Gahza attacks on Israel came out. They revealed that Hamas itself claimed that 85 % of the dead Palestinians in the first border attacks were soldiers (various nationalities) and in the second even more.

      I dunno how the Israeli army can be so careful not shooting civilians – and evidently they miss at times – but terrorism is what they have to deal with. Plus they are the only democracy in the area.

      And then we get wild accusations that the state is racist and a colonial power … they have no apartheid/misogyny/slavery as near states, no colonies. Oy vey!

      Of course there are problems. Why not complain about them instead?

  2. Definitely in the wrong

    On this side of the pond (the UK) though, they are trying to tear the Labour Party apart when they should be allies

    When it’s anti-semitic to comment on the actions of the Israeli government,it’s gone too far…

      1. Yes, Malgorzata, the woman interviewing the Corbster in the piece is Lauren Booth, Tony Blair’s sister-in-law, and a convert to Shia Islam. I know little about the incident but wikipedia here, shows the swirling stories about who was responsible.

        Corbyn, in blaming Israel, mirrors the claims of the Muslim Brotherhood.

        Yet, the Israelis actually ambushed the attackers. And returned the corpses to Egypt.

        UK left twitter is observing the ordure strike the ventilator on Corbyn’s cover for anti-Semitism. It feels like a climactic moment: I have been wrong before on the demise of JC. No doubt I will be wrong again.

        This video is different in kind, however, to the videos I, and no doubt you, have seen showing Corbyn’s favouring the anti-Semites. This tape goes to the core of anti-Semitism and how it differs from straight-up prejudice or racism. It demonstrates the Corbster’s conspiracism about Jews: what the corollary of that is, only JC himself can know in his own mind.

        1. There is footage of Corbyn speaking at an event to mark the 80th anniversary of the battle of cable st ,in 2016 ,don’t think he is an anti semite .

          1. Oh, it’s very easy to cry over 6 million dead Jews and to repeat “Never again”, blaming it all on right-wing anti-Semitism, and at the same time cheer for and support spiritual hairs of Hitler in the Arab world (Hamas, Hezbollah) who want to repeat the feat by murdering six million Jewish Israelis. Then you can pat yourself (and get plenty of pats from your supporters), saying proudly: “I can’t be an anti-Semite. I abhor anti-Semites”, and proudly talk about battle of Cable St.

              1. Oh i see ,anyway ,i think the Labour party is no more anti semitic that the tories and the lib dems .

              2. Here I can agree with you. Anti-Semitism is growing in the whole Europe. It’s just that under Jeremy Corbyn the rate of this growth in the Labour Party accelerated.

              3. And it is incomprehensible, how can they be barking up to such a wrong tree? In Europe jews are generally great assets to the societies they have so well integrated into, so much so that there often is not even a notion or recognition of “oh this one is a jew”. (well, maybe not the Hassidic ones in Antwerp, but still they cause only harm to their ‘own’).
                The right tree, the ‘mushty’ elephant in the room is undoubtedly Islam, particularly radical Islam, which btw is not a fringe phenomenon.
                Corbyn is despicable, I don’t even think he actually has anti-semitic tendencies himself, he is just fishing for muslim votes, nothing like a generous dollop of anti-semitism to get muslim votes. Completely unconscionable.

            1. About the nation of Israel ,did the people who thought up the idea of Zionism think that the homeland for Jews would have to be in a state of war since it was founded .

              Sorry i could have worded that a bit better.

              1. No, they didn’t. From the beginning they tried to do everything as legally as possible and to build a friendly relationship with people living there. They could not have imagined that the whole world, with UN, EU, human right NGO and media would egg Palestinian Arabs to be against Jews – starting with UNRWA – a separate agency for only Palestinian refugees, with a mandate not to settle them but to keep them in camps against Israel and to give refugee status to generation after generation born there – and ending with almost every mainstream media outlet. Had the world left Jews and Arabs alone the conflict would end decades ago.

              2. I think you can feel for the Palestinians without being labelled an Anti-Semite .
                Soon there will be people in the refugee camps who were born there ,lived their lives there and will die there .

                The Jews are not going to leave Israel ,maybe they could help to create a Palestinian state on the west bank ?

                Anyway ,Mano Singham over at Freethought Blogs,has this to say about the British Jewish establishment’s attack on Corbyn.


              3. I disagree with Mano Singham on most everything, starting with “atrocious treatment of Palestinians”. This is just not true and if you check horror story after horror story coming from Palestinian sources you will see it yourself. If you check what Israel was doing over the years to help both Israeli Arabs and Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, you would be astonished. If you read how many peace proposals Israel presented to Palestinians and how many thy rejected (disclosure: all of them) you would not ask why Jews didn’t help to create a state for Palestinians. It’s not Jews who are keeping Palestinian Arabs in refugee camps, it’s the work of Arab states and UN. Now not second but fourth generation is being born in those camps and you should pity these people who are victims – but not victims of Israel. Somehow the world which is so worried about Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza does not give a damn about those 300.000 expelled from Kuweit, those thousands killed by Assad, those thousands who are refused basic human rights in Lebanon. If you want to read more about Israelis and Palestinians from the left perspective but definitely not the same left as your sources seem to be I would like to recommend the book by Ben Dror Yemini, “Industry of Lies: Media, Academia and the Israeli-Arab Conflict”

              4. Thanks ,i will see if i can get a copy of that book,i have a couple of books about the Israel /Arab conflict ,just about start” Jerusalem 1913 “.
                It has received mixed reviews .

            2. I think it didn’t go away ,during my time in London i heard a lot of casual anti-Semitism .

              1. Of course, I should’ve started with that those early Zionists couldn’t imagine Hitler and Stalin who both had a huge influence on the Arab world.

            3. I have also observed that it is typical for self-proclaimed human rights activists to shed (IMHO crocodile) tears over the Holocaust victims while supporting the Islamist Jew-haters of today.

  3. Most likely this person is either a Palestinian or one of the far left who sees colonialism behind every rock. Maybe just a straight up bigot? By his standard we should be traveling around the country shooting white people for all those years of slavery. India should be beating up British people wherever they find them.

  4. Being gay, and no longer a spring chicken, I remember in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and sometimes even now, the Bible’s constantly being used as proof text to denounce gays. We are all familiar with that.

    Yet the Bible was even more explicit about condemnations against divorce….not just in the Bible, but in the New Testament Gospels.

    So, even as a teenager I had figured out that there were other reasons for the condemnations of gays, the “real” reasons, but the Bible just gave it an easy pin to hang your hat.

    This is how I see the condemnation of Jews/Israel vis a vis Gaza. Mainly, even if no issues existed there, the anti-Semitism would nestle, loudly or quietly, elsewhere. And find justification elsewhere.

    I am fascinated with Gaza’s border with Egypt and why that is almost never mentioned despite its being heavily fortified.

    1. Another thing the Bible condemns more often than being gay is cooking the meat of a kid (goat) in its mother’s milk. I kid you not. (Bad pun.)

      It’s an indictment of the education system that the Bible is called the Book of Love.

      People are always looking for a scapegoat. (Another groaner.) So many preach love, but they seem to need someone to hate to make themselves feel better by comparison.

      Throughout history, Jews have been victimized in the most dreadful ways.

      Why isn’t anyone calling for attacks on USians because of the way they treat refugees and asylum seekers (who both have multiple legal rights)? Or the way the parents of refugees, asylum seekers, and illegal immigrants are separated from their children? The children are put in conditions that are inhuman in a First World country (including multiple reports of sexual abuse). Some children have literally been stolen. It doesn’t matter that plenty of USians oppose that – no one cares when Jews oppose certain things the Israeli government does.

      The git in the comment is being anti-Semitic, whether s/he realizes it or not.

  5. I don’t know if this person claims to be s Christian or not but for for those Christians who think all Jews go to hell. I have some bad news for them. Jesus was born a Jew, lived as a Jew and died a Jew. It was the Apostle Paul who turned Jesus the Jew into a mythical dying and rising god

  6. Probably the comment is anti Semitic. I concede there is wiggle room — that’s a common ploy — but it looks like a case of singling out the Jews doesn’t it.

  7. My hunch is that a lot of this is based upon jealousy. Jews are some of the toughest and smartest people that I’ve known during my Gentile life. Don’t let these schmucks get you down. Keep on fighting back !

  8. I wonder how many of the people that resided in what is now Israel at the turn of the twentieth century are descendants of the tribes that lived in and around the area two thousand years ago.

  9. I disagree with a number of Israel’s policies. I think they cater too much to their religious right. But as you say PCC, what some other country does as a political act is not reason whatsoever to be discriminatory towards members of your community. Does Trump’s policies towards immigrant families justify attacking Americans abroad? No it does not. Does Russia’s attacks on UK citizens justify throwing bottles at random Russians in the street? No it does not. Does ISIS’s policies justify disrupting Muslim events in Michigan? No it does not.

    When you punish your local [x] for the policies of some government far away simply because of some group attribute they share, you’re discriminating.

  10. Anti-Semitism has definitely been on the rise lately. One can see it just by reading the comments at political websites on both the left and the right of the political spectrum. Through no fault of their own, Jews have always been an ideal outgroup. Hating them has often been both profitable and an ideal tool for demagogues. That’s why the existence of Israel is necessary, even though it’s easy to portray such a state as “evil” according to the prevailing moral fashions, assuming one is capable of turning a blind eye to the far more egregious “evil” of her enemies if judged by the same standards. It’s a matter of survival. There is no alternative “ideal sanctuary” for Jews anywhere else in the world. The United States? Europe? In light of increasing anti-Semitism and attacks on Jews, I wouldn’t count on either one.

    1. How convenient to stigmatize as an outgroup one that just happens to be such a relatively tiny, normally non-violent fraction of society.

  11. David Irving used to sincerely ask Jewish audiences, “Does it really surprise you that you’re disliked by virtually everyone?”

    Neo-nazis commonly hold that the Jews deserved everything that’s come their way. I guess one of them (or one of their sympathizers) decided to offer a comment on WEIT.

  12. The poster in question, if American, should be invited to demonstrate a similar passion against colonialism by donating his/her home to the Native Indians in its region. Oddly, I have yet to encounter a US anti-colonialist zealot who would imagine doing such a thing.

    If the poster is a Brit of the Corbynista type, we should understand the Israel-bashing as a form of displacement activity. The country they REALLY want to boycott, divest, and sanction is, of course, the great Satan, the USA. But that, as one of them once told an interviewer, “would not be convenient”.

    1. Similarities with the mechanics of vendetta perhaps? When you can’t punish a person who has (allegedly) done you wrong it’s perfectly satisfactory to strike back at their relatives.

      Not acceptable in a civilised society though.

  13. Does someone have a book, a link, something, to explain the messy Israelo-palestinian affair ?

    From what I *think* I know, this all dwindles down to Israel being resurrected at the expense of the palestinians, who were pushed away for some long-past-country to some people – this being akin to blame all USA whites for slavery today… which would be foolish ?

    But I want to learn more about the roots – either side must have their own faults at this..?

    1. I would suggest the book by Alan Dershowitz, “The Case for Israel”.

      Another book very well worth reading is by Ben Dror Yemini, “Industry of Lies: Media, Academia and the Israeli-Arab conflict”.

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