Spot the paraglider!

June 19, 2018 • 8:00 am

Matthew originated the “Spot the. . . ” posts, and they’ve always been wildlife. But here’s one he took from his hotel balcony in Zermatt, and it’s SPOT THE PARAGLIDER.  Can you see it? Click photo to enlarge:

The answer is below the fold:

This one wasn’t too hard if you enlarged the photo. Here’s the paraglider!

16 thoughts on “Spot the paraglider!

  1. I can’t belive I actually found it. I am normally so bad at these things, I would miss a black bear in a snow field.

    1. It was the colour that made it easy. Bright blue with yellow and purple isn’t very cryptic.

    1. Great video. Paragliding is easy to learn but hard to master to the point… I think it takes some natural talent too. It reminds me of this 50-year-old video of teenaged Jeff Jobe on only his third season on skis, doing some similar things back when equipment was not so safe…

    2. Great video. Very neatly put together.

      Some of those shots (like sliding along the crane jib, or down the sandy canyon) were quite dangerous, I think.

      ‘Chandelier’ – is that his real name?


  2. I was walking in a wood on the Saleve (French side of the border from Geneva) some years ago and the paragliders were flying overhead. We went to the point where they had the jumping off point. I watched a few filling the chute with air and effectively being dragged off the cliff by it. Just watching this gave me a really terrible attack of vertigo.

  3. I took paragliding lessons here in Boulder two years ago… it was a lot of fun, but I never really got into it as a main sport… I’m too addicted to rock climbing.

    Easy to spot this guy in the picture if you zoom in and pan around.

  4. Yes, gottim.

    Mathew’s lens is showing a bit of pincushion distortion (check the houses in the bottom corners)


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